Our First Road Trip with Two Kids! @KMA_PR

This Thanksgiving, Hubs and I embarked on our first road trip with two children. We just thought traveling with Sweet T was a challenge! Traveling with small children definitely presents a challenge and thanks to the 2013 Kia Sorento, the trip was much more manageable than it would have been in our sedan. In fact, we weren’t going to even attempt the trip without an SUV to travel in. Thankfully, Kia offered to let us use a 2013 Sorento for Thanksgiving week and we couldn’t have been happier with it.

Men and women are soooo different when it comes to cars, and Hubs and I are no different. The first thing Hubs said when he saw the Sorento was, “Alright! I see we got the V6.”

The first thing I got excited about was the exterior locking buttons which allow for keyless entry. As long as the key is in close proximity to the vehicle, you can press the door handle button to unlock the vehicle. I kept the key in the diaper bag all week and never got it out. I can’t tell you how helpful this was while loading a toddler, baby, diaper bag, and purchases into the vehicle.

As you know from my 2012 Kia Sorento review, some of my favorite features are Kia’s navigation system as well as the backup camera, push-button start, and 3-way adjustable seating. An addition feature I appreciate for 2013 (in addition to the exterior locking buttons) are the cargo net and cargo cover with gave me peace of mind with the Black Friday purchases I made with my mother-in-law.

The cargo net keeps things in place while the cargo cover keeps anyone from seeing what you have stowed in the trunk.

The entire cover can be removed and stowed neatly against the hatch in case you’d like to take advantage of the third row seating option.
The Kia Sorento also enabled me to ride in the back seat with the kids during our 5 hour trip since car seats can be securely latched in all three of the middle row seats.

The middle row also reclines for comfort so I was able to relax and catch cat naps back there in between replacing Binkys and pressing play on the DVD player.

With temperatures in the high 70’s during our Florida Thanksgiving holiday, we enjoyed the sunroof option too!

When it was time to return it, they had to drag the Kia Sorento from me while I was kicking and screaming. Ok, I displayed a little more decorum than that, but I may or may not have teared up a little to see it leaving forever. If only I could convince Hubs to buy me one!

Farewell friend. *sniffle*

Disclosure: I received a Kia Sorento to drive for a week in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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  1. We test drove the Kia Sorento a few weeks ago, nice car. After our road trip with a preteen and two dogs in our Kia Forte he’s seeing the wisdom of moving into something a little larger :) If the price comes down we might get one for you to visit.

  2. I like the lock feature too. That’s a nice car!

  3. Nice looking car!

  4. It looks nice and roomy.

  5. Nice wheels!

  6. I’m dying for an SUV!

  7. Its so nice! Lovely color and lots of room!
    just what I need…with my 5’10 tall Son!
    ( He enjoys traveling in my Daughter and Son – in – laws Kia..I would love one too! )

  8. We’re planning to buy this very car next month.

  9. I think I’d take a trip with both kids in this car too! How pretty

  10. road trips are so tough!! We just flew our last time.

  11. What a great car!

  12. Thanks for the input the Sorrento is on my list when I will most likely have to get a new SUV next year.

  13. I LOVE this vehicle. I had the chance to test drive one for a week and wanted to keep it.

  14. Very nice!

  15. We were looking at these not too long ago. They are definitely a nice looking ride!

  16. I love the keyless entry.

  17. The Kia Sorento is so cool!

  18. I love the Kia Sorento, I tried it recently and it’s just awesome!

  19. What an AWESOME CAR!!!!!

  20. What a a nice SUV!!

  21. How exciting! That Sorento sure is nice!

  22. That is one nice ride. Plenty of room is a must when traveling with multiple children.

  23. I love the Kia Sorento

  24. I bet the keyless entry is such a handy feature when your hands are full.

  25. My hubs used to own one and loved it!

  26. What a nice car! I love that cargo net and totally need one of those in the back of my Honda CRV…..

  27. My hubby is wanting a new SUV, his truck is getting up there and seen it’s better days. :) I think he’d like the Sorento.

  28. We bought a 2012 Sorento a few months back and it has been pure heaven for me!!

  29. I’ve been eyeing these for quite sometime.

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