More Crochet Food

Sweet T’s cupboards will be brimming at this rate! That is provided I let her have a play kitchen in the house. Maybe Hubs can build her a handmade one to go with all the handmade food.
The banana turned out great. It’s from a Coats and Clark fruit basket pattern.
The cupcakes include beaded sprinkles, but an easy cheat is to use TLC Wiggles yarn like I did on the purple one. Instant sprinkles without having to whip out the needle and thread. Here’s the pattern.
The corn pattern is kind of small and though I’m not OCDing about everything being to scale I would use a larger hook in a do-over.
The eggs were so easy I didn’t even use a pattern. Just make a magic ring with white then sc in the round until it’s the size you like. Do the same in gold for the yolk.

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