Freezer to Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings
weekend in Sandestin

Penne with Artichokes

Penne with Artichokes: Ingredients 1 box Barilla whole grain penne 6 oz jar artichoke hearts 1 clove garlic, chopped 1 Tablespoon green onion, chopped 2 Tablespoons Grated Parmesan/Romano cheese blend 5 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil, divided 14 oz canned cherry tomatoes salt and pepper to taste Heatt a medium sized sauté pan over … [Read More...]

Norelco Vacuum Stubble & Beard Trimmer Pro

Norelco Vacuum Stubble & Beard Trimmer Pro

Hubs wears stubble most of the time not so much for fashion as for comfort and convenience. Maintaining a clean shave takes a little effort and while he's clean shaven maybe a couple of days a week, the rest of the time it's easier for him to allow a little shadow to come out and forget about it. Plus the less often he shaves, the less often he has … [Read More...]

frog push toy toddlers

HABA Pushing Animal Toys

Sweet T has her share of licensed and battery-operated toys that she enjoys, but I know the toys that will be valued most and passed down to future generations are some of the most simple. With a carpenter for a husband, we appreciate the quality of wood-constructed products in our household and welcomed the addition of the Maukilo Chris Croak … [Read More...]

November Winners

I'll update this as the month goes on: $200 Visa Gift Card - Christina B. Hershey's S'mores Tailgating - Susan S. Way Basics Eco Storage - Carolyn K. Sephora Janice C. Tabathia B. Angie L. Karen S. Donna V. Glow Gifts - Karen G. Spell It Out Photos - Corey O. Just Jen Tshirt - Jennifer (awaiting … [Read More...]

twisted orchid

Lone Orchid Giveaway – Ends 12/5

Founders Ashlea and Lindy created Lone Orchid out of their passion for both fashion and travel. They are committed to providing clients with style at an affordable price. With Lone Orchid handbags priced between $30 and $125 and jewelry pieces in the Twisted Orchid collection starting at $15, Lone Orchid items make thoughtful, unique gifts without … [Read More...]


YesVideo VHS to DVD Transfer Service Giveaway – Ends 12/2

Hubs and I have been saying for years that we need to get our wedding VHS tape (yep, we've been married that long!) transferred to DVD. We have a tradition of watching our wedding video on our anniversary each year, but have failed to do so for the past couple of years since our VHS player broke. We're certainly not going to go out an buy a piece … [Read More...]

pause and be happy

I’m Happy Today! Inspirational Quotes

Are you happy today? … [Read More...]

branson hilton

Branson Missouri Getaway

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Fall is here and there's no better time to experience Branson, Missouri!  Known for their family-friendly fun, Branson is an ideal getaway for you and your family during this time of year.  Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing is … [Read More...]


Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dips by T. Marzetti

A spoonful of yogurt dip really does help the veggies go down! I'm not a big fan of raw vegetables unless they are on a salad. I may be nearly 30 years old, but the only thing that has changed from my childhood eating habits is that I'm tricking myself into eating raw vegetables instead of my mother doing the tricking. Anything that encourages me … [Read More...]


If you are going to act like a turd…

Can't decide if I should put this sign in my home,  emblazon it across a t-shirt, or print it up business card-style to pass out when I see random acts of "turdiness." I'm leaning toward the latter. Of course I'd probably go broke quickly. How much would 2 million business cards cost? ;) … [Read More...]

Zumba2 Wii boxshot T

Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii

I have friends who swear by their Zumba classes and love the exercise itself  as well as the results. Anything that will trick me into exercising by making it fun is worth its weight in gold for me. Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii brings the Zumba class into your home making it even more fun and convenient to get yourself off the couch. Game … [Read More...]

born boots skinny jeans

Wordless Wednesday: New Boots!

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Assorted fruit

$200 Visa Gift Card Staying Healthy for the Holidays Giveaway – Ends 12/1

  What inspires you to stay healthy for the holidays? I'll be honest with you: for me, it's absolute vanity. Everyone woman in my family is overweight and I refuse to be another one. I'm a size 6 right now which is up from the size 4 I was while breastfeeding. This lets me know my weight is creeping up on me and I need to do something … [Read More...]

photo letters lettering

Spell It Out Photos

Whether it's expressing a child's name or seasonal sentiment, letter art photography adds a touch of whimsy and class to any home. Sue and Lynn have combined their love of photography, collectibles, and memorabilia preservation to create Spell-it-Out Photos. With a wide range of "letters" to choose from, clients have the opportunity to make Sue and … [Read More...]