Freezer to Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings
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Gerber Graduates Grabbers

New Gerber Graduates Grabbers Review

Sweet T hasn't met a squeeze pouch snack she doesn't like and Gerber Graduates Grabbers are no exception. When the Grabbers arrived during her naptime I unpacked them onto the kitchen table instead of placing them in the cabinet where they belong. Big mistake. She started whining and crying as soon as she laid eyes on them. She knocked back the … [Read More...]

stewed tomatoes

Southern Stewed Tomatoes

This is another of my Aunt Katy's fantastic original recipes. She's been making stewed tomatoes longer than I've been alive and we had the privilege of enjoying this treat over Labor Day. Now you can too! The great thing about this tomato dish (besides the wonderful taste) is the convenience. Stewed tomatoes can cook for as little as 15 minutes or … [Read More...]

vtech bunny

Vtech Peek-At-Me Bunny Giveaway – Ends 9/21

Something fun about being a parent that no one ever mentions is getting to play with your kid's toys! Whenever Sweet T gets new toys, especially electronic ones, her dad and I play with them for a good five minutes before she gets a chance. The Vtech Peek-At-Me Bunny was no exception. Fedex runs late at our house (we're talking 7:00PM) which means … [Read More...]


HappySqueeze Review

Have you heard of HappyFamily? This premium organic food brand, just launched new products to help the whole family enjoy nutrition on-the-go.  HappySqueeze, an organic superfruit smoothie, and HappyMorning, an organic supergrain breakfast smoothie. The new snacks are made with functional, healthy ingredients, including the supergrain Salba® – an … [Read More...]


Inspirational Quotes About Happiness

Some are funny and some are profound, but either way I hope these quotes brighten your day as much as they did mine. … [Read More...]

mitchum advanced control

$75 SpaFinder Giveaway from Mitchum – Ends 9/19

Whether stressed, scared, bothered or nervous, armpits let you know and yet they have been largely overlooked, until now… Mitchum is encouraging you to “Love Thy Pits” with the new Advanced Control™ stick/solid antiperspirant and deodorant, providing 48 hours of protection for men and women. Formulated to go on and stay dry, Mitchum Advanced … [Read More...]

cluck and learn barn

Bright Starts Cluck and Learn Barn Giveaway – Ends 9/16

 Sweet T's play has gotten a lot more constructive in the past few weeks. Knocking down block towers and emptying her toy box are still fun activities, but now she also enjoys stacking blocks and placing toys back inside her toy box (I wonder how long it will take for the latter to become a chore rather than play. ;) ). Bright Starts has creating a … [Read More...]


Do you think my tractor’s sexy?

Hubs and I bought a little Yanmar to till the garden, cut the grass, and clean out the "back 40." It will replace our lawnmower and hopefully last a long time. Sweet T is going to enjoy taking rides on it next spring. I just love this picture of the two of them together!     … [Read More...]

Denizen Jeans

Denizen Jeans by Levi’s

Denim styles change each decade along with popular brands, but as the creators of blue jeans I'm pretty sure Levi's is here to stay. When I was in junior high school (circa mid 90's) any teen who was anybody wore Levi's jeans. You didn't even think about showing yourself in public in Lee or, heaven forbid, an 80's brand like Jordache or Guess. :) … [Read More...]


Parenting quote

I need this tattooed on my arm. :) … [Read More...]

heart necklace

Halle Joy Inspirational Jewelry Giveaway – Ends 9/15

Halle Joy is a Texas-based company whose mission is to joyfully create timeless collections of fashion jewelry, handbags, and accessories that enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual beauty of the wearer. Each of their seven collections revolves around a theme from Scripture and tells a unique story. I had the opportunity to review the … [Read More...]

Game Time

Family Movie Night – Game Time: Tackling the Past

So far I've had the opportunity to review four Family Movie Night movies including Field of Vision, Truth Be Told, Who is Simon Miller, and the latest installment, Game Time: Tackling the Past. This family-friendly movie stars Ryan McPartlin, Beau Bridges, and Catherine Hicks premieres Saturday, September 3 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT. Synopsis: Pro … [Read More...]

Butterfly Images

Juice in the City Atlanta: Butterfly Images Spa Facial 50% off

Atlanta moms, did you survive the back-to-school madness? The kids may be back in class but summer is still in full swing here in the South. Why not beat the heat during the school day with a pampering facial?  Butterfly Images Spa is offering Juice in the City Atlanta readers 50% their Beginners R Winners facial; an $85 value for only $45! This 60 … [Read More...]


Budgeting with American Express Prepaid

  Whether you're a wife, mom, homemaker, single, married, working or a combination of any of the the above, you know how important having a budget is. As women we are often responsible for the financial flow of the home even if we don't punch a time clock. Balancing the checkbook, paying bills, and budgeting are a few of the responsibilities … [Read More...]