No bake coffee balls Christmas cookies

No Bake Coffee Balls: Easy Coffee Flavored Cookies

It's Christmas cookie time! Do you like coffee flavored cookies? I'm blessed to have a mother-in-law who is an amazing baker and doesn't mind sharing with us every year. For that reason I leave the time-consuming recipes up to her, but since I needed to make a batch of treats for a cookie swap Friday I decided to make something easy. By easy I mean … [Read More...]

Our Trip to The @NashvilleZoo

Mom, Sweet T, Gus and I kicked off our Nashville weekend with a trip to The Nashville Zoo. The weekend ended abruptly that night when I would up in the ER with a kidney stone, but I'm glad we at least got to visit this incredible zoo. Gus enjoyed his first Zoo trip from the comfort of the K'tan carrier. He loved having so much to look at and would … [Read More...]

Convenient Cooking with Maytag #MaytagMoms

'Tis the season for baking, baking, baking! Have you started baking holiday treats yet? We're fans of cookies all year round and my Maytag has the power and even-baking performance to feed our sweet tooth. With its 6.2 cu. ft. capacity I think it could even handle my mother-in-law's Christmas cookie load, which is no small task. Sweet T likes to … [Read More...]

Composting for beginners: 16 Things you didn't know you could compost!

16 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Compost!

Fall here is and I’m mostly a spring gardener. That doesn't mean I won’t be trying to improve my garden soil over the cooler months though. Our compost tumbler is ready to be emptied and spread and my worm farm has yielded some nice castings to incorporate too. What can be composted? More than you think. Here are a few materials you may not have … [Read More...]

Home Projects Update

Remodeling projects! Am I the only one who finds them incredibly stressful? I can't imagine building an entire house from scratch considering how much a little DIY puts me to the test. The kids and I spent the weekend with my parents so Hubs could lay tile in our addition and in the front porch we enclosed into a foyer. The addition gave him a hard … [Read More...]

Pear honey

Here's a fall recipe to help you use up all those pears while they are in season. The Magimix by Robo-Coupe Food Processor makes it incredibly easy to prepare! Print Pear honey Author: Jenn Recipe type: Sauce Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  3 hours Total time:  3 hours 10 mins   Pear "honey" that is … [Read More...]

Smothered Thick Cut Chops With Au Jus Gravy

This recipe yields incredibly tender chops. It’s a new favorite at our house. The Magimix food processor has come in handy for all sorts of dishes. Use it to slice pepper and onion rings for these smothered chops that are thinner than you can slice by hand.           Print Smothered Thick Cut Chops With Au Jus Gravy … [Read More...]

Gus’ Newborn Photo Session

During my pregnancy I had visions of grandeur when it came to baby pictures. Since I upgraded to a DSLR back in April I was looking forward to photographing newborn Gus myself. Wishful thinking on my part! I was too busy establishing breastfeeding, recovering from childbirth, and wrangling a toddler to hardly think about breaking out the camera. … [Read More...]