Freezer to Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings
weekend in Sandestin
toilettree fogless shower mirror

ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

ToiletTree is a family-owned and operated business that focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of an assortment of bathroom products featuring its signature product, The Foglesss Shower Mirror. Simply fill the mirror with hot water before each shower and enjoy a reflection that is scientifically impossible to fog up. Hubs says it works better … [Read More...]


Teach My Toddler Learning System

Teach My Toddler, Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes & Colors, All-In-One Kit! - The Smart Toddler Gift. Give the gift of learning! Teach My Toddler is the multi award-winning all-in-one learning kit for toddlers. The toddler tote has 17 teaching tools to help toddlers master the basics; alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. Each section is … [Read More...]


Tellurian Baby

Tellurian Baby is a line of natural, pure, safe, and exceptionally mild formulas made specifically for babies. The line was founded by Ron Lewis, who has over 35 years of experience manufacturing skin and hair-care products, and Jane Leeves, actress (“Frasier” / ”Hot in Cleveland”) and mother. Becoming a new mom, Jane was faced with the … [Read More...]

playhouse ecofriendly

Eco-Friendly Children’s Furniture from Cascade

Don't all children love to play with cardboard boxes? Parents joke that their kids enjoy the box a toy comes in more than the toy itself. When I was a kid nothing beat a giant cardboard box (like what an appliance comes in) but I can only remember getting one once since we didn't buy a new refrigerator or stove very often. Cascade allows children … [Read More...]

halloween candy trick or treat costume minnie mouse

Happy Halloween!

We just returned from Sweet T's first night of trick-or-treating. Since she's been having such teething/crankiness issues this consisted of visiting our neighbor's house then putting her to bed! She did not want Grandma T to hold her... but was happy to enjoy all the goodies she sent her home with including apples, popcorn balls, and … [Read More...]


Teething: When will it end?

Sweet T is a late teether and never had problems with any of her teeth until now. Enter the molars. She's had a fever and been in pain for four days and has even lost some weight. She who has slept all night long by herself in her own room since she was five months old can only sleep if someone is holding her. Hubs is passed out on the couch as I'm … [Read More...]


The rest of the month's winners are: Faberware EcoFresh - Steph A. Head Chefs Pizza Posse - Karen M. Freschetta - Debbie J. T.G.I. Friday's - Carol S. and Kyl N. Sesame Street Live - Early C. (pending confirmation) Brooke N. … [Read More...]

1115 - Ferrara

Ring engraving

Hubs isn't the romantic sort so when he and I got engaged nearly a decade ago (yikes!) I had to flat out tell him that I wanted my wedding band engraved with a special message from him. Otherwise it wouldn't have happened! The same concept applies to every other romantic gesture conceivable such as flowers and foot massages (though I can't really … [Read More...]

Carapelli Olive Oil Taste Test and Coupon

This post brought to you by Carapelli. All opinions are 100% mine. I had no idea that olive oil is held to taste testing standards much like wine is. I love the flavor of olive oil, particularly for dipping bread in when I'm enjoying a pasta meal, but never stopped to think about the variations in quality and flavor among brands and … [Read More...]

fall place setting

Impressing Dinner Guests

I'm guest-posting today on about ways to wow your dinner guests at your next party. Considering my view of  "wowing" guests these days  can be cleaning up Sweet T's toys and the banana gunk on the couch, you may think I don't know anything about entertaining. Let me assure you that I love a fun a dinner party and learned how … [Read More...]


Hershey’s S’mores Giveaway – Ends 11/10

When I think of S'mores I automatically recall Girl Scout camp, a campfire, and roasting marshmallows on a stick. Did you know there's another outdoor s'mores prep method that's just as simple and probably a little more effective at getting all that yummy chocolate melted? Using the “build it, wrap it, grill it” method simply build your S’mores how … [Read More...]

Halloween Candy Infographic

What are you dishing out to trick-or-treaters this year? … [Read More...]


$25 Sephora Gift Card Giveaway from Slim-Fast: 5 winners! – Ends 11/18

Slim-Fast has just launched their new line of shakes that come in a convenient on-the-go bottle. With five flavors to choose from, your palate doesn't have to be bored just because you are on a diet. I had the opportunity to try out the new shakes and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. While I'm not necessarily trying to loose weight right … [Read More...]

Animal Planet’s Puppies vs. Babies Showdown

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. With a friendly competition of "who's the cutest," Animal Planet is giving away $5,000 in their Puppies vs. Babies online contest. The winning puppy or baby will receive the prize and you can cast your vote until November 23rd … [Read More...]