Freezer to Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings
weekend in Sandestin

Juice in the City Atlanta: $70 for 30 visits to Open Play at Champion Kids

Beat the heat of "Hotlanta" at Champion Kids! August here in the South  can be absolutely brutal so take advantage of this indoor recreation area. Owned and operated by a husband and wife team with an extensive background in gymnastics, cheerleading, and therapeutic recreation, Champion Kids is perfect for days when the playground just isn't … [Read More...]


Breakfast Cereals from the ’80s and ’90s

Take a walk down memory lane with me to a time when we wanted cereal for the tacky box and cheap prize inside rather than the high fiber content. ;) I remember the obnoxious commercial for Nut and Honey more than the cereal itself I wonder if this will make a comeback with the new movie? Turtle Power! I begged my mom for a box of … [Read More...]

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My Baby Clothes Boutique Giveaway – Ends 8/31

Being the first and only grandchild on my side of the family, you can image Sweet T experiences no shortage of cute clothing. My mom loves to keep her outfitted in the latest and greatest from our local baby boutique and I'm happy to let her. I kind of cringe though when I see the price tags of some of the items even if it wasn't my money spent on … [Read More...]


Decadent Hot Chocolate Affogato

Ingredients: 3/4 cup milk 1/2 cup half and half, heavy cream or milk 1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips or 2oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped 1T sugar a pinch of salt 1 cup Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream Bring milk, half and half, chocolate, sugar and salt just to a boil in a 2 quart saucepan over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to medium and … [Read More...]

frozen cappuccino

French Press Frozen Cappuccino

I made this for Hubs over the weekend and he raved over it. He likes his coffee strong and simple so this was a winner. Yield: 2 Ingredients: 2 cups ice cubes 1 1/2 cups strong coffee or two espresso shots, chilled 1/4 cup NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE Liquid Coffee Creamer 3 tablespoons granulated sugar Ground cinnamon (optional) If you'd like to … [Read More...]


Juice in the City Altanta: 50% off Photo Archiving from Photo Bin

Juice in the City I've been a lover of photos ever since I received my first camera in 1989 that require 110 speed film. The digital age is a dream come true for someone like me, but what about all those years of photo-taking that weren't digital? Using my printer to scan them into our computer works, but can be very time-consuming. In fact, it's … [Read More...]


Scotch Restickable Products

When I was growing up in the '80s and early '90s, my mom was busy homeschooling me as well as heading up our church's Sunday school department. Whenever she wanted to put up non-permanent billboard cut outs or display educational charts/maps in our dining room (aka the classroom) she used this blue tacky adhesive stuff. It had the texture of Silly … [Read More...]

laser hair removal

Juice in the City Atlanta Daily Deal: 86% off Laser Hair Removal

I have a little bit of OCD about body hair. It drives me nuts! Why do we even have it? From the time I got my first razor at age 13 my shaving routine has been meticulous, but now that I have a little one...Let's just say if I get a shower every other day I'm doing good. If I can shave during those showers, I'm ecstatic. What a time saver it would … [Read More...]

Stuffed Peppers

Simple Stuffed Peppers

Ingredients 3-5 medium bell peppers 1/2 cup Stove Top stuffing 1lb ground beef or turkey 6 oz shredded cheese 1/4-1/2 cup diced onion 1 T Worcestershire sauce 1 clove minced garlic 3/4 cup tomato sauce salt and pepper to taste Halve and seed bell peppers then lightly salt the insides. Set aside. Brown beef in a large skillet (Note … [Read More...]

Picnic place settings

Picnic Party Theme

We celebrated Sweet T's first birthday yesterday with a very low key picnic-themed party. This theme was simple to bring together and perfect for a summer birthday. Guests served themselves buffet style on red plaid plates. Utensils were placed in a jelly jar then an open picnic basket alongside the plates and napkins. Old fashioned bottled … [Read More...]

That goes for you too, baby Sweet T.

Happy First Birthday, Sweet T!

I no longer have a baby, but a toddler! Sweet T turned a year old yesterday. Here's the official "on the record" account of birthday events: Sweet T and I spent the day playing with her cousins, visiting a petting zoo, and celebrating with cake and presents. . . . . Here's what really happened. First of all I forgot all about it being her … [Read More...]

Score some free yogurt!

Dannon is giving away free yogurt ($3 value) to the first one million who ask for it! All you have to do is Visit the Activia Selects Facebook page to get your FREE coupon now! I had no idea Dannon made Greek yogurt, but I'll be able to try some for free now. Thanks, Dannon! This sponsorship is brought to you by … [Read More...]

alphabet blocks

There’s always something new to learn

Approaching my  blogiversary has caused me to reflect over the past year. When I first started this blog nearly a year ago I chose the Blogger platform for it's ease of use. For someone who doesn't have any background in web publishing or creativity, the learning curve can seem a little steep. Blogger held my hand through those early days when I … [Read More...]

Scrapbooking: Paper or Digital?

Ever since 1997 when my mom brought home some of the first 12x12 acid free papers and their primitive matching embellishments, I've been a scrapper. Those early pages make me cringe, but at the same time they are a memorial to the early days of the hobby. With entire shops dedicated to the craft and the advent of digital scrapbooking, we've come a … [Read More...]

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