Freezer to Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings
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It's been a rainy summer which is unusual for Alabama, so on days that we can't go to the pool, it's a challenge to keep a 2 and a 4 year old from going stir crazy and tearing the house apart. Dancing in the rain looses it's appeal after about 10 minutes (even though it makes for fun photos) and then back in the house we go! It's said that … [Read More...]

This is not your average loaded baked potato soup recipe. Fried potatoes make it even more sinful. Possibly the best potato soup you'll ever make!

Fried Potato Soup

Loaded potato soup is one of my favorite soups.  There are many different recipes for loaded potato soup but most contain the same primary ingredients; potatoes, cheese, bacon, and onion.  I have tried various recipes but I’m always a little disappointed in the end flavor, the potatoes always seem a little bland.  I have tried boiling them in … [Read More...]


Celebrate Dads with #RealStrength

Father's Day might not come around for another year, but don't let that stop you from from recognizing the men in your life who demonstrate #RealStrength. I'm blessed to have a father who modeled kindness, a strong work ethic, and reliability.  Those traits are what I naturally looked for in the quest for Mr. Right, and I'm so thankful I found him … [Read More...]

Make fresh fruit last longer with this simple tip. This Frugal living idea will save you a bundle on produce this summer!

Make Fresh Fruit Last Longer

I have to say that I haven’t been very faithful in washing fruit when it first comes into the house.  I usually put the apples in a basket and tell the kids, “be sure and wash that before you eat it.”  I have followed the same method with blueberries and strawberries although I would put them in the refrigerator for storage.  Many times the berries … [Read More...]

Simmering on low all day makes this crockpot jambalaya recipe one of the best. The flavors really meld together with this easy dinner idea.

Crockpot Jambalaya

Pair this Crockpot Jambalaya recipe with some crusty French bread and enjoy a comfort meal your family will want you to make again and again. Simmering on low all day makes this Crockpot jambalaya recipe one of the best. The flavors really meld together with this easy dinner idea. Crockpot Jambalaya 5.0 from 1 reviews Print Crockpot … [Read More...]

If you enjoy the traditional soda shop treat, you will love this chocolate dessert recipe! Chocolate Malt Pie.

Mini Chocolate Malt Pies {Dreyer’s/EDY’S Giveaway} #FrozenCustardTime

This post is brought to you by Dreyer’s/EDY’S® Frozen Custard and SocialMoms. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. What comes to mind when you think of the 4th of July? Patriotism? Family? Summer heat? I think of all those things in the context of happy childhood memories. The 4th of July was always spent at my grandparents' … [Read More...]

perk car air freshener review

PERK Prize Pack Giveaway – Ends 6/30

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PERK. All opinions are 100% mine. This year, Hubs and I bought a new (to us) car. Dazzled by this upgrade, we made a family pact regarding our new purchase. We will not eat or drink inside the new car We will bring something from the car inside the house each time we leave the car We … [Read More...]

Make your own hummingbird food with this tried and true hummingbird food recipe. Leave out the red dye for the safety of your little feathered friends!

Hummingbird Food Recipe

My grandmother loved hummingbirds.  I can’t see one that I don’t think about her. Summer is the time of year to hang out your hummingbird feeders and enjoy the attention they get from our feathered friends. Just like Grandma, I always make my own nectar.  There is no reason to purchase high dollar nectar when you can make your own for … [Read More...]

Need casserole recipes for dinner? Try this Swiss Turkey Casserole for your next family dinner. Meal planning just got a little easier!

Swiss Turkey Casserole

Need casserole recipes for dinner? Try this Swiss Turkey Casserole for your next family dinner. Meal planning just got a little easier! Swiss Turkey Casserole Print Swiss Turkey Casserole Author: Jenn Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  50 mins Total time:  1 hour 5 mins   Need casserole recipes for dinner? … [Read More...]

poki games

Free Online Gaming for Kids!

Online gaming sites seem to be everywhere you look, but most you have to pay for and some are definitely too mature for kids. I limit the amount of time my kids spend online and monitor what they do, but it's helpful when there are sites designed for them to have fun playing games on an age-appropriate site. Poki Games is a child-friendly … [Read More...]

Hospitality goes far beyond merely entertaining guests at home. A humorous look at what it means to be truly hospitable: An Awkward Girl's Guide to Hospitality

An Awkward Girl’s Guide to Hospitality

When Jennifer asked if I would be interested in writing a post about hospitality for her lovely blog I gave an immediate and enthusiastic YES, which was followed by crippling insecurity and doubt...which pretty well mirrors my love hate relationship with hospitality. I love the idea of hospitality, but the reality is a little more … [Read More...]

This white chicken chili was born from trying to save a trip to the grocery store. Try this easy chili recipe for dinner tonight!

Chili Con Pollo

Have you ever needed to make dinner and had nothing in the house?  You go through the pantry pulling out anything you can find to throw together in hopes of making and quick dish that everyone will love and save yourself a trip to the grocery store.  That’s the circumstances behind my Chili Con Pollo and it fit every need.  It is quick, delicious, … [Read More...]

Need activities for kids at home this summer? Try bringing stories to life with this kid activity

Bringing Stories to Life with Imaginary Friends

This is Sweet T's last summer before Kindergarten, and we've been busy making memories. Hopefully some of them are good ones. Ha! Today we visited the library and Burger King afterward for kid's meals. Both my kids love trips to the library (with or without the promise of fast food) and enjoy being read to. I'm hoping to instill my love … [Read More...]


Save on Sun-N-Fun getaways in Sarasota!

Summer is in full force (94 degrees here yesterday!) and families are planning their summer vacations. This is a special summer for us since it will be Sweet T's last before she starts Kindergarten. We're trying to make some happy family memories together including a few travels! Sweet T in hankering for a trip to the beach that we'll try our best … [Read More...]