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$25 CVS Gift Card + Sample Pack Giveaway!

We all think of winter as the season for dry skin, but between sun exposure, frequent trips to the pool, and the tendency to dehydrate more easily due to the heat, I've had to moisturize just as much as I do in the winter months. I keep lotion on my nightstand, hand cream in my purse, and a water bottle is never too far away. Thanks to CVS I've … [Read More...]

Essential oils for hair? Yep! Check out these 7 different essential oils for beauty tips that will leave your hair gorgeous no matter the type.

7 Essential Oils for Hair

Essential oils are more than just a nice smelling addition to your home. They have amazing benefits that go beyond that of their obviously luxurious scents. Essential oils are valuable in your home for a multitude of reasons, including using essential oils for hair care. Read on to learn about 7 different essential oils for hair. Which ones will … [Read More...]

Find out why a summer Colorado vacation should be on your bucket list of travel destinations!

Top 4 Colorado Towns To Visit This Summer

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to finally make an attempt at relaxation! For families looking for an unexpected, off-the-beaten-path vacation spot, look no further than the great centennial state of Colorado! Normally billed as a place to only go during the winter for skiing, with its incredibly geographically diverse landscape of … [Read More...]

Your cat will love these easy homemade cat toys made from wine corks

Make Your Own Cat Toys from Wine Corks!

Make your own cat toys! All it takes is a couple of wine corks and a few other items you probably have around the house. Homemade Cat Toys To make your own cat toys you will need Wine corks E6000 epoxy glue Trimmings like feathers, pipe cleaners, jute, raffia, etc. Start by steaming the wine corks for a few minutes to soften … [Read More...]

Potty training and travel isn't for the faint of hear, but you can do this, Mama! Check out these potty training while traveling tips for potty training boys and girls.

Preparing for Potty Training and Travel

Remember earlier this summer when we talked about Potty Training Tips? Which Potty Personality did your child turn out to have? Let's take it on the road now with the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership and discuss some tips for potty training while traveling, since I know lots of you have trips planned for the rest of the summer. When traveling with … [Read More...]

Have Random Crap? Make a DIY Tote Bag to haul it all! This free printable and a tote bag are pretty much all you need.

DIY Random Crap Tote Bag: Free Printable!

I saw a tote bag on Amazon recently that just said "Random Crap." How fun, funny, and fitting, right? I mean that's exactly what usually winds up in my reusable tote bags: a bunch of random crap. I didn't feel like paying for a bag when I really just wanted the witty sentiment so I decided to make my own Random Crap bag. Here's how you can … [Read More...]

spilled ice coffee on Floor

How to Get Offended and Write a Passive-Aggressive Open Letter

About 6 months ago I pierced my nose. This is relevant to my story, I swear. Anyhow, with a new hole punched in my face, I found myself noticing all the other people walking around with extra holes in their faces. SOLIDARITY. One of whom was the barista in my local coffee shop. She’s young, early 20’s, and super adorable. I complimented her when … [Read More...]

If you've tried New York strip recipes in the past, but didn't use this method...what are you waiting for? Cook up some iron skillet steak for dinner tonight and enjoy restaurant steak at home!

How to Cook New York Strip Steak

Day 8 on Paleo and I'm craving meat like crazy (which is better than craving junk food, right?) Enter the meat clearance at Kroger and my eduction on how to cook New York strip steak. This skillet method works amazingly well for chuck-eye steak so I decided to give it a go with a couple of discounted New York strips...with delicious results! How … [Read More...]

Use these TMNT party ideas and free TMNT printables to throw an epic birthday party or playdate!

Free TMNT Party Printables

Sweet T and Gus invited two friends over this week for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles playdate! We headed over to Target to find everything we needed for a bodacious playdate. Keep reading for two free TMNT printables too and to find out how you can win a Fandango and Target gift card! It's been in the triple digits each most days here, so … [Read More...]

An honest Blue Apron review featuring three Blue Apron recipes and the pros and cons of a subscription

My Blue Apron Review: Should You Subscribe?

I have been meaning to try Blue Apron fresh food delivery service for some time now so when Blue Apron reached out and asked me to review a box, I was eager to do so! Learn about my experience and keep reading for a breakdown of the benefits to help you decide if a Blue Apron subscription is right for you (and if you decided that it is, you can get … [Read More...]

Flying with a toddler? Don't be anxious! You can do it. Use these tips and tricks to help and enjoy your vacation destination!

Tips and Tricks for Flying with a Toddler

Knowing you will be flying with a toddler can create a lot anxiety before your trip, especially if this is your first time flying with a child this age. While traveling by car or train may seem more appealing with littles, it’s often not an option. The fantastic news is that flying with a toddler doesn’t have to be a nightmare, for you or anyone … [Read More...]

zoo warning sign

Can You Protect Your Kids from Themselves?

This week my babysitter took my kids to the zoo, while I worked from a coffee shop in town. My daughters are 6 and 9. They are capable, bright, and incredibly active. The zoo was the perfect place for them to run off some energy, be entertained, maybe even pet a goat. My oldest daughter wanted the babysitter to take a picture of a peacock preening … [Read More...]

embassy suites

Embassy Suites Father’s Day Staycation Giveaway! {Ends 6/20}

Let's hear it for dads! They give us so much of their time, love, and attention, right? I know I've learned so many things from my own father and it's fun to watch Sweet T and Gus learn from Hubs. He has at least twice the patience as I do! This Father’s Day, Embassy Suites by Hilton wants to express their gratitude and appreciation for dads … [Read More...]

You can do this, Mama! Check out these 10 potty training tips. Tips for potty training boys and girls.

10 Tips for Potty Training from the Pros!

10 Tips for Potty Training As soon as your child hits the ripe old age of two years you start to envision a world without diapers and wipes. It’s easy to get caught up in potty training stories from other parents who had their child completely out of diapers at age two. I was one of them since my older daughter Sweet T potty trained in one day … [Read More...]