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Entertaining a 4-month-old and a mini-review of Baby Faith

Sweet T's entertainment demands have escalated in the past few weeks leaving me worn out from trying to keep her happy. Every waking moment she is taking in as much of the world as she can. As much as I'd like to think this is because she is the smartest baby ever, it seems to be fairly common for her age (don't tell her grandparents). As one … [Read More...]


Couch to 5K Running Program

Love/hate describes my relationship with running. On one hand, I despise exercise of any kind. Instead, give me a book, some crochet hooks, a computer and leave me be! On the other hand, I love the energy and endorphins that come with getting my blood pumping and running is the best way for me to do that. You do NOT want to see my attempts at … [Read More...]

Pepper Jack Macaroni and Cheese

What was for dinner last night? Pepper Jack Mac! So it's not the healthiest thing in the world, but it sure is cheap, easy, and tasty. Hubs compliments me every time I serve it. Considering I get little more than a "meh" over more expensive and labor intensive-dishes, guess what I'll be making more of? When it comes to easy dinner ideas, it … [Read More...]

Learn how to lanolize wool with this simple tutorial

How to Lanolize Wool Diaper Covers

I decided to try my hand at making a wool diaper cover using this free crochet diaper cover pattern from Rebecca at Ravelry. The diaper cover pattern is super cute and free, but I made lots of mistakes. Oh well. It gets the job done. Maybe my next crochet diaper cover will be prettier. Here's Sweet T modeling my cloth diaper DIY for … [Read More...]

Cracker Barrel Scavenger Hunt

This will work at any Cracker Barrel so use it for a birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas and surprise your loved ones with a little something different. If you don't have a Cracker Barrel in your area....well...bless your heart! Clue#1 Hidden in recipient(s) napkin Congrats [family surname] Crew! You found the very first clue, Talk to the … [Read More...]


Breakfast Burritos: on-the-go and on-the cheap!

Although Sweet T is sleeping better at night, sleep is still precious in our household. We'd often rather sleep than eat and this makes weekday breakfast's a challenge. First of all, I'm not about to see hubs off in the morning after having been up twice in the night. Second of all, hubs isn't about to get up 20 minutes early to make himself … [Read More...]

Learn how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy with these three home remedies for stretch marks

How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Judging by all the stretch mark prevention products out there I’m not the only vain mama in the world who wants to know how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. Lest you think I’m too conceited, I did worry about more important things during my pregnancy such as good nutrition, birth defects, miscarriage, etc. However, I’ve got admit that I … [Read More...]

Quick-Zip-Zipper-Crib-Sheets-Must-Haves-for-Baby-500x357 (1)

Quick Zip Zipper Crib Sheets: Must Haves for Baby!

Five years ago we invested in set of zipper crib sheets. When she outgrew crib sheets and moved into a toddler bed, Gus used that same set of quick zip crib sheets. Now he's in a toddler bed and I'll be passing along the best crib sheets ever to a mom friend with a crib baby. Five years, two babies and counting: zipper crib sheets are truly must … [Read More...]


Lyle the Lobster

Check out Lyle the Lobster. He has a lot of mistakes, but he'll still look cute in Sweet T's pot. Though judging by his color, he's already had a run-in with a pot! Lyle's pattern can be found at You'll need to create a free account to view him.The ice cream was actually my attempt at a cupcake top that went awry. Rookie me thought … [Read More...]


The Sleepeasy Solution

I’ll never forget Sweet T’s newborn photo session. It was special, adorable, and professional but what stuck out most in my mind was Sweet T being uncooperative unless swaddled and wide awake for 90% of the session. Our photographer asked, “What sleep training methodology are you using?” After thinking sleep training methowha?? I snorted and … [Read More...]


Sushi Anyone?

Hubs would argue that the crafted version tastes better than the real deal. He's not a huge fan of eating "bait." No accounting for taste. *sigh*Check out this adorable pattern from Aquamarine Celestina. I didn't do it justice with my finished product, but it's still pretty cute. I'm hoping Sweet T will enjoy the sushi bar with her mommy one day. … [Read More...]

Keeping Cloth Diapering Simple

The cloth diapering community has become a veritable subculture in recent years. There are entire websites dedicated to fluffy chat, reviews, and trading as well as a plethora of online retailers and Etsy shops carrying cloth diapers and accessories. With so many choices available, opinions shared, and an entire cloth diapering lingo to decipher … [Read More...]

make your own cloth diaper wipe solution to go with your cloth diapers with this easy make your own cloth diaper wipe solution to go with your cloth diapers with this easy make your own cloth diaper wipe solution to go with your cloth diapers with this easy DIY cloth diaper solution recipe

DIY Cloth Wipe Solution

When I first started cloth diapering I used disposable wipes. This only lasted a few days before I realized this method was more trouble that it was worth since after a diaper change the wipe had to go in the garbage while the cloth diaper went in the pail. Now, I’m even more hooked on cloth diaper wipes than I am cloth diapers. If I had to choose … [Read More...]

The Zen of Cloth Diapering

Frugality has a stiff competitor in most areas of my life. Laziness too often trumps attempts to penny pinch, but with our new attitude toward simplicity and self-sufficiency in place we decided to give cloth diapering a go. Prior to Sweet T’s birth I viewed our future as cloth diaperers with dread. Who can honestly say they look forward to … [Read More...]