Freezer to Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings
weekend in Sandestin
lemon cheesecake bars

Lemon Cheesecake Bars

At, you can bring spring inspiration to life through their new “My Look Book” feature. It's easy to collect and organize ideas with this personalized digital scrapbooks. I added the Easy Layered Salad, Lasagna Formaggio, and Red Velvet Cheesecake to my Look Book, but decided to make these Lemon Cheesecake Bars as a special treat for … [Read More...]

Our Yard Needs Help!

This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine. Living in the country, we don't have a "lawn" but a yard; a rather big one at that. While it's impractical to turn nearly two acres of dandelions, crab crass, fire ant beds, clover, and other assorted weeds  into beautiful grass, I would love to give our relatively small front yard … [Read More...]



I saw this on Facebook today and it cracked me up. … [Read More...]

painted toddler toenails


Sweet T is obsessed with having her toenails painted! If I leave my manicure bag laying out she'll bring bottles of polish to me shouting "Toe! Toe!" Purple seems to be her favorite color (I'm not sure if it really is or if she just likes it because it's one of the few colors she can actually pronounce right now) so I got her some purple glitter … [Read More...]


My Job Chart: Helping parents teach financial responsibility, an online chore chart was designed to teach young people the concept of responsibility, work ethic and the value of money by giving them a way to earn points for completing their chores. The free site has always offered a way for young users to ‘spend’ their points on rewards they want, ‘share’ what they earn with a … [Read More...]

Easy baked oysters

Easy Baked Oysters

I"m constantly looking for creative ways to keep my iron levels up during pregnancy. Oysters will do the trick just like chicken livers, but my favorite way to eat oysters is raw on the half shell. No can do with a baby on the way! Here's a simple way to enjoy baked oysters instead that are almost as good as raw. ;) Ingredients: 1/4c olive … [Read More...]

family Easter photo

Easter Fun

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! We started the day off with Easter baskets in our PJ's and let Sweet T enjoy a Lindt chick for breakfast. Don't worry. Chocolate for breakfast won't happen again until November 1st. ;) Sweet T also got Play-Doh and hair elastics in her basket. We're keeping it low-key and cheap for as long as we can get away … [Read More...]

Guardsman logo

Guardsman Furniture Care

Most of my furniture stays caked with dust these days. With a toddler to chase, a baby on the way, and a blog to run, house keeping has taken a back seat. What little cleaning I do accomplish is usually the basics: dishes, laundry, floors, swishy the toilet, done! However I do have a couple of heirloom pieces of wood furniture that I try not to … [Read More...]

Fighting Hunger this Spring

This post brought to you by The Walmart Foundation. All opinions are 100% mine. I tend to think of hunger as a battle being fought in developing countries, but did you know that over 50 Million Americans don't know where their next meal will come from? One of the largest causes of hunger in the United States in unemployment, and in this economy … [Read More...]

Hoppy Easter Basket lindt

Mommy gets an Easter basket this year!

Sweet T and I were doing some Easter shopping last week where I picked up goodies for her Easter basket (including some Lindt mini chicks, aka "bok-boks") and a few little things for Hubs and my parents. I had a brief melancholy moment realizing that I'm "the mom" now and won't be getting Easter baskets anymore. Let's face it ladies. If a man … [Read More...]


Gourmet Gift Baskets Giveaway – Ends 4/19

Don't forget the grown ups this Easter season. They like a visit from the Easter bunny too! I guess Hubs decided our Gourmet Gift Basket brownie sampler was a personal visit from the rabbit himself because when I woke up this morning, the peanut butter brownie had gone AWOL. We received one brownie each from the Brownies Sampler Bakery Gift … [Read More...]

Win A Breville Juice Fountain Plus

I have another quick and easy Rafflecopter giveaway to share with my foodie friends. Follow the instructions below to enter to win a Breville Juice Fountain Plus courtesy of Natural Horizons. Good luck and let me know if you win! (view more details on this prize) a Natural Horizons giveaway powered by … [Read More...]

toddler coloring an Easter egg

Sweet T’s First Egg Dye

Easter was a fun day when I was growing up. I may have been an only child, but the thrill of getting an Easter basket and going on an Easter egg hunt (sometimes two!) wasn't diminished by that. Usually Mom and Dad would both help me decorate eggs and we implemented many unusual techniques with PAAS kits such as the half and half colored egg and the … [Read More...]

easter spring flower arrangement easy

Easy Easter Tulip Arrangement

This post brought to you by iBulb. All opinions are 100% mine. Easter is just around the corner. How will you celebrate this year? We will be having a church brunch and supervising Sweet T's first Easter egg hunt. To brighten up our kitchen and make it feel a little festive, I also made this simple tulip arrangement. No other flowers say spring … [Read More...]

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