Freezer to Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings
weekend in Sandestin
spicy cheese grits

Spicy Cheese Grits

As a good Southern girl, I love me some grits! Hubs is more of a Cream of Wheat fan (gag) being from up north, but I have sold him on cheese grits during our 10 years together. Even if you aren't a fan of grits for breakfast, I encourage you to try them "jazzed up" with cheese and spice. You just might like … [Read More...]


Johnson & Johnson Amazing Nurses

While I wish we could all be the picture of health, reality is that between childhood injuries, childbirth, accidents, and serious illness we've all been familiar with the inside of a hospital or doctor's office at some point in our lives. To those of you in the nursing field who are in "the trenches" each day, I salute you! Johnson & Johnson … [Read More...]

paintbrush staining wood

Flood®: Take it Easy Sweepstakes

This post brought to you by Flood Wood Care. All opinions are 100% mine.   Founded in 1841 by a family of painters, Flood® has earned their reputation as "The Wood Care Specialists." Their exterior wood stains and wood cleaners protect, preserve and beautify your outdoor investments. Flood® understands the time and effort involved in … [Read More...]

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Discover Boating with Your Family this Summer!

From my dad's little jon boat to the various rentals we've enjoyed on family vacations, I have fond memories of boating. Here's hoping Sweet T loves being out on the water as much as her mom does! Judging by how much she enjoyed being on the lake last year I'd say there's a pretty good chance (if I can just get her to love fishing too I'll have a … [Read More...]

blue bunny cadbury bar flavors

@Blue_Bunny Giveaway – Ends 7/4

Winner: Debbie J. Did you have a happy Father's Day? I got to spend the day with my dad and husband so that was the perfect way to celebrate the special dads in my life. Since the restaurant crowds are usually crazy on Father's Day, we enjoyed a Father's Day luncheon with our church family. Blue Bunny was there to make it special with boxes of … [Read More...]

western union

Western Union Gift and Greeting Cards

This post brought to you by Western Union. All opinions are 100% mine.   Who doesn't love getting a gift card? The recipient always appreciates it even if the giver feels as though it's too impersonal. Givers if you've ever felt this way, Western Union is here to help. With their gift/greeting card combo, gifts cards have never been more … [Read More...]

andro ant killer home perimeter

AMDRO Ant Bash and Winner Announcement!

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to go fishing with my cousin Aran at the local creek. We caught about 10 bream and sunfish between the two of us, adding to his freezer collection of probably 60! He goes fishing a lot more than I do. :) Last Friday we decided to have a fish fry/AMDRO Ant Bash at his house with the whole family plus a … [Read More...]

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day from Hubs and Sweet T! … [Read More...]


USFRA Twitter Party this Monday #FoodD

USFRA Twitter party details What: A Twitter party with the United States Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) to discuss how pop culture affects people’s perception of food.  The party will preview a series of panel discussions about the intersection of food and entertainment in society, which will be taking place on USFRA’s Food Dialogues … [Read More...]

This blackberry crumble isn't low in calories, but when is the last time you got protein, fiber, and iron out of your dessert? You can thank the flax seed for that. Use Xylitol instead of sugar to further reduce calories and make the recipe diabetic-friendly. Substituting rice flour makes the dish gluten-free. It's a treat everyone can enjoy!

Wild Blackberry Crumble

Blackberry season is here! We have a boatload of berries in our back yard right now and I made the first wild blackberry recipe of the season last week. This blackberry crumble isn't low in calories, but when is the last time you got protein, fiber, and iron out of your dessert? You can thank the flax seed for that. Use Xylitol instead of sugar to … [Read More...]


Hey Girl Hubs Edition

I love the Hey Girl Ryan Gosling meme. Every time a new one pops up on Pinterest I crack up. Hubs thinks they are pretty funny too since he has three sisters, a mom, a wife, and a daughter. He knows women! My favorite so far? It's a toss up between: or (since I'm a wannabe photographer) or (as a scrapbooker) Tonight I came home from a … [Read More...]


Wave Home Solutions

This post brought to you by Wave Home Solutions. All opinions are 100% mine.   When we were in the process of buying this home over two years ago, we referred to it as "the moldy farmhouse." Not exactly how we envisioned our dream home but the price was right! Besides the usual complications of purchasing a home, closing, etc. we had mold … [Read More...]

finger painting with toes

Finger Painting!

Sweet T was bored one morning. A bored Sweet T usually results in "creativity" such as shoving Plah-Doh into our central air intake. So I thought why not break out the fingerpaints? Ok, I didn't really expect anything out  finger painting with a toddler except to have some fun. Mission accomplished! Oh that's why the box says ages 3 and … [Read More...]

bacon wrapped ranch potatoes

Bacon-wrapped Ranch Potatoes

Besides being delicious (hello bacon!) this side is easy to prepare and great to make on nights when you have a lot going on in the kitchen. Prep them, stick them in the oven, then forget about them for an hour while you get the rest of dinner prepared. 5.0 from 7 reviews Print Bacon-wrapped Ranch Potatoes Author: Jenn Recipe … [Read More...]