Freezer to Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings
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PTO Fundraising Made Easy

PTO Fundraising ... made really easy! Are you getting tired of the same old PTO fundraising ideas? Well, here is a better idea! What if your PTO actually gave you something that would benefit your family and also earned the school money?  Now, we’re talking... My Job Chart creates a custom PDF that your PTO sends out in an email. For each … [Read More...]


Mystery Solved

Mystery baby made his debut Monday night at 10:37 after only 3 hours of labor. Meet William Augustus “Gus.” Sweet T is adapting much better than we thought she would. She has her moments when one of us is holding him, but she’s also interested in him and brings me blankets or diapers for him. Already a helper!   Sweet T Makes Three Plus … [Read More...]


@ErykaCouture Giveaway is Live!

Have you heard of Eryka Couture? Eryka is a fashion guru who loves to share with her readers how to look like a celebrity without having to spend a lot of money. Her “Look for Less” feature appears on her site every Friday. In the past she’s been able to recreate the styles of popular celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Kim … [Read More...]


Sentimental Baby Clothes #dreftlaundry

I'm a pretty sentimental person and tend to hold onto keepsakes as much as my tiny house will let me. It's probably a good thing we don't have a large home because I'd just fill it up!  Baby clothes are one thing I'm sentimental about, but in order to keep them from taking over the house I have to pick and choose what to keep. Since my mother saved … [Read More...]


Encouraging Your Kids to Drink Water #britabottles

Did you know that only 15% of school age children are drinking the daily recommended amount of water? As parents it’s our job to instill healthy habits in our children from an early age, but it’s not always easy. Sweet T is a picky eater but one thing she’s always been good about is drinking water.  Here are a few tips to encourage your toddler to … [Read More...]


Kmart #KmartHalloween Twitter Party

Fall is here. Are you ready for Halloween? Join me this Thursday, September 20th from 1-2pm ET (11-12pm MT / 10-11am PT) for a Twitter party discussing tips from Kmart Halloween on preparing for Halloween this year. Did I mention there will be prizes? 10 $25 Kmart gift cards will be awarded every 6 minutes. Date: Thursday, September 20th. … [Read More...]

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Gelato in Alabama?

Ever since my 2009 trip to Italy, I've missed the taste of authentic gelato. It's amazing that you can get hooked on something in a short week's time! Maybe gelato abounds in the New York City area due to the Italian influence, but here in Alabama it's lacking for sure. We're not without our specialties, but Italian ice cream just isn't one of … [Read More...]


10 Years

Happy anniversary and happy due date to us! My how time flies (except when you’re 9 months pregnant ;) )   In celebration of 10 years, we were supposed to be doing this: Instead I’ll be doing more of this: And wishing we were doing this: Happy anniversary, Hubs! Here’s to the next 10 years. … [Read More...]

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$50 Visa Giftcard Giveaway from Nivea – Ends 9/27

It sure doesn't feel like it yet here in the South, but Summer is officially behind us and fall is here! September is National Skin Care Awareness Month and the perfect time to readjust your skin care regimen to keep up with the changing weather. Nivea wants to acknowledge how important it is for everyone to take proper care of their skin by … [Read More...]

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A Little Pregnancy Humor

I'm not sure Mystery Baby is ever going to get here. Granted my due date isn't until Friday but Since Sweet T arrived a whole week early I kind of had my hopes up for #2 following the same pattern or arriving even earlier. Since that's not happening I've resorting to whining and moaning about being pregnant forever. Today I'm just going to laugh … [Read More...]

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It’s Party Time! @kingshawaiian #kingshawaiian 9/12 1PM EST

Join me on Twitter tomorrow as we celebrate football season with King's Hawaiian. No need to RSVP. Details below. In the meantime check out my Game Day Sliders recipe featuring King's Hawaiian Mini Sub Rolls!   Hashtag: #kingshawaiian Date/Time: Wednesday, September 12, 2012- 1pm ET/10am PT Prizes: Ten $25 Grocery Gift … [Read More...]


Fall TV: What Are You Looking Forward To?

Time to hit the recliner, switch on the direct tv, and see what television has to offer this fall. What shows old and new are you most looking forward to for the fall TV lineup? I have pretty eclectic taste and here's a few of my personal picks: Grimm - I'm not usually one for the macabre, but the mix of paranormal intrigue and different … [Read More...]

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Inspirational Quotes about Mistakes

Mistakes: If you're alive, you've made a few. We all have!  Guess what? You'll likely make a few more and that's ok. Here's a collection of inspiring quotes to keep mistakes from getting you down. … [Read More...]

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Living Social Deal: GradSave College Savings Plan

It's never too early to start saving for college! With costs on the rise the sooner the better. Today's Living Social deal allows you to do just that with a GradSave Gift Card. GradSave Gift Card on Living Social $50 (Pay $24) or $25 (Pay $12) Toward a GradSave College Savings Plan Living Social GradSave Deal … [Read More...]