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What does simplicity mean to you?

It's interesting how the concept for simplicity can mean completely different things to different people. My mom and I were discussing this and for her, simplicity usually equals ease. She'd rather buy it than make it, pay full price rather than clip a coupon, and she places a premium on convenience. For her, that's simple living. This got me to … [Read More...]

Wondering what to get him for Valentine's Day? Watch your man soak up the admiration with this Valentine's day gift for him.

What To Get Him for Valentine’s Day?

Wondering what to get him for Valentine's Day? OK, so a true Valentines idea for him would be skipping the holiday altogether (or participating in an activity that isn't suitable to mention on a family-friendly blog *snark snark*), but since us girls aren't going to let them get away with that, we can at least give our guy a gift he'll appreciate … [Read More...]

Easy Hot Spinach Dip (Death By Spinach Dip)

This easy hot spinach dip has taken our family and church by storm. My aunt discovered it on the back of a Duke's mayonnaise jar and has made it for us three times in the last month for potlucks, birthdays, etc. We can't get enough of it and it's too good not to share. You may want to double the recipe because you can't have too much! Print … [Read More...]

“I just don’t have time”

This phrase has crept its way into my speech and thoughts more and more over the last five months. My favorite variant is the sarcastic "Oh I should do that in my spare time." I'm trying to eradicate this attitude. It reeks of martyrdom and the truth is we all pretty much have the time to do what we want to do. It's a matter of choices and … [Read More...]

Crochet Longies

After my success with crocheting a diaper soaker, I wanted to attempt a pair of longies for Sweet T to run around the house in this winter. Ok, so she's not exactly running around at 5 months old (more like sitting around and whining for me to take her to "see what she can see" until she can do it herself), but they still look cute, resist … [Read More...]

Cloth-eez Workhorse Diapers Review

Thanks to grandma, I got to diversify Sweet T's diaper stash! At 14 pounds, she is in that awkward stage between sizes (yellow edge is a little snug while red is slightly big), but we went ahead and made the switch to red edge for comfort's sake. I was all set to order more Cloth-eez prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers when my mom asked if I had … [Read More...]


Make Your Own Fire Starters for free!

Now that we have a woodburning stove, we try to burn it as much as possible to help with our heating bill. While Hubs has no problem starting a fire with kindling, newspaper, and a match, I need a little extra help. We have been buying fire starters, but I hate to spend money on something that is supposed to be saving us money. Considering all of … [Read More...]

Easy Slow Cooker Corn Recipe

This easy slow cooker corn recipe is a potluck favorite at our church. There are never any leftovers and we usually fight about who's going to get to bring it since it's so easy to make. I won this round! Easy Slow Cooker Corn Recipe Ingredients: 2 pounds frozen sweet corn 1 block cream cheese 1 stick butter 1 16 oz pack shredded cheddar … [Read More...]


Homemade Lemon Lime Soda

One night this week after Sweet T was already in bed and Hubs and I were watching Hulu a commercial for Sprite aired. Oh the power of suggestion. Hubs began craving one immediately. Since we are 15 minutes from the nearest anything we don't ever just run out to the store for a drink, ice cream or other treat. Especially not after T is asleep for … [Read More...]


I’m a Perfectionist (but I suck at it)

A T-shirt with that emblazoned on the front is what I’m asking for next Christmas. Making peace with imperfection is a tall order for the perfectionist at heart, but it’s an essential tool in order to enjoy a simple, contented life. As human beings it’s impossible to achieve perfection so why do we spend massive amounts of energy burdening … [Read More...]



My friend Lexi jokes that she should be the spokesperson for Quelf. She certainly gives the game enough word-of-mouth advertising which is how I came to buy it for our family this holiday season. Our Quelf conversations usually went like this Me: “How do you play?” Lexi: “There aren’t many rules. You just have to realize that there is no point … [Read More...]

Wubbanub vs. Paci Plushies

Last month, Sweet T introduced you to her Wubbanub monkey, Mo. Mo is a major player in our naptime routine, but we are a little concerned that Sweet T will outgrow the Soothie that is attached to him long before she outgrows her need for a pacifier and plushie to love. In search of a solution, we ordered a Paci Plushie Panda whom we … [Read More...]


Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation

The time has come! My hair is driving me crazy long enough to donate! I haven't had hair this long since I was a child and while it's kind of sad to see it go, it was definitely time. Between postpartum hair loss, having a four month old constantly grabbing it, and approaching the big 3-0, it wasn't looking so great on me anymore. The temptation to … [Read More...]


Crochet Sock Monkey Hats

My oh-so talented mother-in-law crafted a sock monkey hat for Sweet T while we were visiting for Thanksgiving. She made it without a pattern no less! When my good friend Lexi heard about this she decided she wanted one for herself and I decided to attempt to make one for her. I bought a basic crochet sock monkey hat pattern from Crazy Socks Crochet … [Read More...]