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Travel tips when visiting Hilton Head Island, South Carolina as a family vacation destination

Hilton Head Island for Families

Located just 30 miles northeast of Savannah, Hilton Head Island is about as low as you can go in South Carolina’s Low Country. It’s a favorite beach destination among golf and tennis lovers, but it’s also ideal for families. Here’s why:   Hilton Head Island for Families Convenience Whenever I visit an island for the first time, I make it a … [Read More...]

Fresh out of romantic ideas? Use these free printable love notes for him or her to let your special someone that they've still got it!

Free Printable Love Notes + Are You #Scentmates?

"Adulting" has it's way of taking a toll on marriage, doesn't it? The daily grind plus trying to raise a couple of healthy, socially responsible human beings can make time spent as a couple seem impossible. Never mind romance. What's that? Since becoming parents we've found that simplifying romance is the only way to ensure it actually happens … [Read More...]

Slow cooker recipes are my favorite way to get dinner on the table. Try this Crock-Pot recipe for Sriracha Chicken Meatballs for an easy game day appetizer. You'll fall in love with Crockpot dishes like I have!

Sriracha Chicken Meatballs {Gluten-Free}

I have a confession to make that's going to get my Southerner card revoked if word gets out, so don't tell anyone ok?  I don't really care about college football. *dodges flying tomatoes*  It's true. It's unacceptable for an Alabama resident, but it is what it is. Know how I fly under the radar? Owning a couple of team shirts and loving me … [Read More...]

Looking for fun new milkshake ideas? This milkshake recipe is for french toast and caramel lovers alike. It's tried and true and a crowd pleaser so you might want to double the recipe!

Caramel French Toast Milkshake

Caramel French Toast Milkshake Everyone's breaking out the fall flavors but it's still in the 90's here an Alabama.  So when I was brainstorming ideas for seasonal flavors that can be enjoyed in the heat, I knew I had to make some Caramel French Toast Milkshakes! The result? Oh my gosh guys, this is just the best drink I had in my entire … [Read More...]

Use these clean eating Crock Pot recipes to fix and forget a healthy meal!

Clean Eating Crock Pot Recipes

Clean eating Crock Pot recipes can save you a lot of time and frustration on your new journey to better health. It's always a good idea to make dietary changes as convenient as possible in order to set yourself up for success! These clean eating slow cooker recipes can help whether you're a clean eating beginner or veteran. Since clean … [Read More...]

Halloween decorations are even better when you make them yourself. Try this cute little monster Halloween craft with your kids!

Monster Halloween Craft for Kids

Monster crafts for kids need to be cute, fun, and not at all scary. This monster Halloween craft certainly fits the bill!  Try making these Monster votive holders with your kids this Halloween for some no-so frightening family fun. My kids are super sensitive to anything scary. It's difficult to even take them to some stores this time of … [Read More...]

Tasty and convenient, muffin recipes always make good breakfast ideas, especially if you eat on-the-go. Try these apple cinnamon muffins for a tasty way to start your day.

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Tasty and convenient, muffins are always a great breakfast idea, especially if you eat on-the-go. I've got to confess, that's been more and more often at our house since school started! Try these apple cinnamon muffins for a tasty way to start your day. To say that they are good is really an understatement. They are really really amazing! They … [Read More...]

Game day coming up?Need football party food and decorations? Try these free printable pillow boxes with a pigskin texture. They make great little football treat bags for your party guests or serve as a way to divide out portions

Free Printable Football Party Favor Boxes!

This post was Sponsored by M&M'S® It's football season and whether you have kids playing on youth teams, you're anticipating college football, or you can't wait to cheer for your favorite pro team, one thing you're probably looking forward to is football parties. I know I love the food and snacks just as much as game day itself! The dips, … [Read More...]

How Do You #PassAlongConfidence to Your Daughter?

"Mom, do you think I'm cute?" "Of course I think you're cute. You're pretty too. Do you think you're cute?" "No" "Why not?" "Because I can't see myself!" "Do you think you're cute when you looking in the mirror?" "Yes." "Ok, good." At the age of 6 (and for the next few years,) Sweet T is probably the most confident in herself and her … [Read More...]

Taking a Gulf Shores Alabama vacation with kids? Here are a few things to do in Gulf Shores with kids. You won't want to miss the sea turtles hatching!

Things to Do in Gulf Shores with Kids

Gulf Shores with kids is always a good idea no matter what the age of your children. Even babies love the sensory experience of the sand and water! Our kids are growing up and at that stage where they're still little but slightly less...hands-on. Little enough to appreciate the wonder of simply enjoying the beach but big enough to get excited about … [Read More...]

The Beach Club Gulf Shores is the ideal spot for your family beach vacation. This full service resort has so many amenities, you really don't have to leave if you don't want to. Come see why!

The Beach Club Gulf Shores

The Beach Club Gulf Shores is a full-service resort tucked again in quiet Fort Morgan. It's about a 15 minute ride away from Gulf Shores. The Beach Club has literally everything you need for a relaxing family vacation, so there's no need to venture off the property unless you just want to.   The Beach Club Gulf Shores Of course the … [Read More...]

Slow cooker recipes are my favorite way to get dinner on the table. Try this Crock-Pot recipe for Green Pepper Steak for an easy dinner. You'll fall in love with Crockpot meals live I have!

Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker Green Pepper Steak

One of my fondest memories as a kid was visiting our neighborhood Chinese restaurant each Sunday for lunch. Creature of habit that I am, I ordered the same meal each week: green pepper steak. I still remember that the menu item number for green pepper steak was L17 (but if you ask me for a date of birth for either kid, I have to think about it for … [Read More...]

Wondering where to eat in Gulf Shores? Check out these 5 Gulf Shores restaurants for your next beach vacation

Where ELSE to Eat in Gulf Shores

With so many different places to eat in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, I'm making it a mission to try new restaurants every visit in addition to visiting regular favorites. If you missed my Gulf Shores restaurants post from last fall, just click the link above to check it out. Now I want to introduce you to five additional places to eat in Gulf … [Read More...]

Who doesn't need easy appetizers for a party this time of year? Whether it's game day food or finger foods for a crowd you need, try this Loaded Baked Potato Cheese Ball. It's a fun hybrid food that your party guests will want the recipe for! And guess what? It's a make ahead appetizer which will save your sanity on the big day!

Loaded Baked Potato Cheese Ball

Friends, this Loaded Baked Potato Cheese Ball is the next generation of party food. Actually, it’s the best food hybrid I’ve ever made, and it’s so good and so jam packed with flavor and such a crowd favorite that I wont' be able to keep myself from from making it again and again.   I’ve been thinking about all the excuses to throw a … [Read More...]