Freezer to Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings
weekend in Sandestin

$50 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway from @AXE #KissForPeace

I live with an Axe pomade lover who's quickly converting our son. Gus may only get to wear pomade on Sundays right now, but I predict he'll be a lifelong user. You see, both these guys have straw growing out of their heads instead of hair. Haystacks. Color and all! Hubs has had one hair style his whole life and it looks like Gus will face a similar … [Read More...]


Get Runway Ready Hair with TRESemmé at Walgreens {Walgreens Prize Pack Giveaway}

Mercedes-Benz Fashion week kicks off today and as an official sponsor, TRESemmé is providing us with backstage tips and styling advice. Check out the TRESemmé YouTube channel to get a runway-inspired look that's actually achievable for mere mortals. ;) Even I can pull off this slicked back wet look with the help of TRESemmé products. While … [Read More...]

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How to Apply Essential Oils to the Ear

*Note: The wording of this post has been changed from the original in order to ensure FDA compliance and may not read as smoothly as it was intended One day back in May, Sweet T went from happy and playful to screaming and crying about her right ear. We all know what that usually means. I layered* Purification, Lemon, and Melaleuca … [Read More...]

ZapVM #CHYC Contest Winners Announced!

Remember back in July when I posted about the ZamVM Video Message Maker? ZapVM hosted a Change How You Communicate with Your Family summer contest and it's time to announce the winners! The first place winner lets us see her Costa Rican Adventure in 90 seconds thanks to ZapVM Second place goes to Gus the Shar Pei. His name makes me … [Read More...]

Mini Lemonade Pies

Mini Lemonade Pies #hometailgate

Football season is here! That's a huge deal here in the South, at least when it comes to college ball. Red Baron, Freschetta, and Tony's pizza has everything you need to throw the ultimate home tailgate party. You'll find college football trivia and traditions, party tips, recipes, and more at Tailgate At Your Place.  As if that weren't awesome … [Read More...]

Mom Guilt Bingo

Mom Guilt Bingo

Feeling some mom guilt today? Of course you are! Let's make a game of it. Mom Guilt Bingo is perfect for Mom's night out, where you're already feeling guilty for enjoying the break you are taking from the kids. Everyone gets a free space for looking at their phone at the park. If you have not used your phone at the park while your kids are … [Read More...]

Opera Mini Discover Top Stories

Browsing On-The-Go with Opera Mini #travel

Raise your hand if you've ever gone over your monthly data plan. I did once. During a girl's getaway to Atlanta. I was way more concerned with selfies, YouTube videos in the back seat, and relishing time with my gals pals sans children and not concerned enough about how much data I was blowing through. Ya'll know I can't eat a meal without … [Read More...]

Ginger Pecan Elderberry Muffins

Ginger Pecan Elderberry Muffins

Jam bars for dessert is what I envisioned making with my assortment of Elderberry jams and jellys from Norm's Farms. Ripe bananas and hungry children are two things I woke up to this morning though so we went with these Ginger Pecan Elderberry Muffins instead. The original recipe is posted below. I wound up adding 1/3 cup chopped pecans to … [Read More...]

Ben & Jerry's Truffle Trifecta

$50 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway – Ends 9/4

Ben & Jerry's has a new ice cream flavor and it's exclusively available at Walgreens! Truffle Trifecta combines chocolate ice cream with little truffle treasures hidden inside. Will you bite into a marshmallow truffle, a fudge truffle, or a caramel truffle? Better eat the whole carton to make sure you encounter all three at least once, … [Read More...]

5 Easy ways to incorporate more movement into your day.

5 Simple Ways to Get Moving!

Sometimes I think we don't realize how sedentary we really are. This is especially true for those of us who work desk jobs. Until recently, I fell into the trap of thinking I had to commit to an exercise regimen in order to see any health benefits. Over then last month I've made it a point to just simply move more and have lost several … [Read More...]

Target Simple

$50 Target Gift Card and #SimpleSkinSaver Giveaway!

What does your skin face every day? Acne, aging, oiliness, dryness? I've been battling adult acne for the last several years and feel like I'm finally getting a handle on it. Acne in your 30's is not fun because you're fighting breakouts and aging at the same time. It's sobering to have acne in your wrinkles. ;) Here's a picture of my … [Read More...]

Chocolate Hazelnut Blended Coffee #IDelight

Chocolate Hazelnut Blended Coffee Recipe #IDelight

School starts back really early here in the Southeast. While those of you up north probably feel a little nip of fall in the air by the time your kids meet their new teacher, we're still in the heat of summer! My friend Amy from Pennsylvania started discussing the other day the protocol for transitioning from iced coffee back to hot again. … [Read More...]


$50 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway – Ends 8/28

What's your style? How do you express it? When I think of style, usually clothing and accessories come to mind, but how you wear your hair speaks volumes about your style. Right now my hair is screaming mom style. I'm definitely a casual gal, and I can't even blame that on the kids since I kept it casual waaaay before they arrived. I get the … [Read More...]


$100 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway – Ends 8/27

School may have started back, but it's still very much summer around here. The humidity is taking it's toll on my hair! It's hard to get any volume in it these days. TRESemmé, amp it up for me please! ;)   Join me in stopping by your local Walgreens on Saturday, August 23rd from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm and learn how to Amp Up Your … [Read More...]