Freezer to Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings
weekend in Sandestin

Save on Sun-N-Fun getaways in Sarasota!

Summer is in full force (94 degrees here yesterday!) and families are planning their summer vacations. This is a special summer for us since it will be Sweet T's last before she starts Kindergarten. We're trying to make some happy family memories together including a few travels! Sweet T in hankering for a trip to the beach that we'll try our best … [Read More...]

This DIY home decor project is simple and can be created in one day. This free sewing project makes a great bedroom DIY especially for kids. Washable!

DIY Washable Rug Sewing Pattern

Now it is possible to have a beautiful, durable, washable rug that accents your home furnishings.  The project is simple and can be created in one day.  This is a perfect project for a child’s room, living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Materials: 2 yards Waverly fabric 1 – 6×9 foot Canvas Drop Cloth (Can be purchased at Lowe’s or Home … [Read More...]

Bacon wrapped green beans are a summer recipe you'll want to serve again and again.

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

My family enjoys asparagus but it is quite pricey around here so I don’t purchase it very often.  However, a friend of the family had an over abundance of green beans in their garden and said we were welcomed to come and pick all we wanted.  Since I love baked green beans with sea salt I left the small tender beans whole and snapped the larger … [Read More...]

Make braised beef stew the right way with this authentic braised beef recipe.

Braised Beef Tips

I have been making what I called “braised beef tips” for years using the most basic of ingredients thrown into a crock pot and cooked all day.  What I produced was flavorful dish that pleased the family but wasn’t really “braised” in the true sense.  I decided to do a little research and learn exactly what is “braised beef” and can I improve on my … [Read More...]

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Making Memories Last with XFINITY #makememorieslast

Sharing our experiences and adventures with family and loved ones has always been a joy to me. I'm glad that technology has grown in leaps and bounds from the slideshow days. Even so, it still takes time to pass around a cell phone or tablet or crowd around them showing everybody the photos I've captured. It would be so much easier if I could share … [Read More...]

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“De-Mommyfying” with Caress at CVS #DailySilkySkin

It's been a busy week around our house.  The kids aren't in preschool for the summer, but Vacation Bible School season is in full swing and we've been enjoying a week of crafts, activities, snacks, games, and general hoopla each evening at our church. I've been keeping the VBS workers' small children occupied while their moms and dads wrangle … [Read More...]

This Bed Board DIY gets new life with a summer makeover. Try is a must try DIY home decor project if you have a porch.

Bed Board DIY Makeover

I have a bench that sits on the front porch .  The bench was converted from an old bed and while it has a lot of character it was in desperate need of an update.  The entire project was easy to accomplish in one weekend.  The cushions can actually be made in just a few hours. Materials: Fabric (3 coordinating colors) Polyfill or Foam … [Read More...]

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A kid-proof phone! DROID Turbo by Motorola in Gray Ballistic Nylon

As any parent can attest, we need durable products - especially when it comes to our cell phones. Both of my kids beg to play with my phone on a daily basis, and it takes it share of mistreatment, especially from this guy. My phone is used for work and play and the last thing I need is for it to take any damage. Since gluing my phone to my … [Read More...]

This is a wonderful coleslaw recipe that stays fresh and crisp in your refrigerator for up to 14 days. Tastes great on it's own and makes a great coleslaw for pulled pork or slaw for tacos.

14 Day Coleslaw

  I first enjoyed 14 Day Coleslaw at a 4th of July party where I had the opportunity to try it and fell in love.  I called up my friend and begged the recipe which she graciously gave and now I’m sharing it with you. This is a wonderful coleslaw recipe that stays fresh and crisp in your refrigerator for up to 14 days. Makes a great … [Read More...]


Real beauty is shaped by real women. What’s your #beautystory?

When it comes to beauty, I've never been much of a girly-girl. I have a terrible time doing my hair in much more than a ponytail and often botch even the simplest makeup styles. There were a few years in my teens where I experimented with metallic eyeshadows (hello silver and gold!) but the times I've worn makeup since are limited. In fact, it's … [Read More...]

Where to stay in Pigeon Forge cabins or hotel? Find out before you travel!

Where to stay in Pigeon Forge

We've covered what you'll be doing when you visit Pigeon Forge with preschoolers, but what about where to stay in Pigeon Forge? Pigeon Forge Cabin rentals are popular and have been our accommodations by default in the past due to massive family reunion trips. This is the first time we've stayed at an actual Pigeon Forge hotel instead of a … [Read More...]

Looking for breakfast ideas for a quick breakfast on the go? Try this overnight breakfast bread and get out the door on time in the morning!

Overnight Breakfast Bread

I get up pretty early in the morning but I don’t like to think about cooking for a couple of hours after I’m up. A family member shared this recipe with me that is wonderful because you mix it up the night before, then all you have to do in the morning is throw it in the oven and breakfast is ready. It cooks while you're getting ready for the … [Read More...]

Free sewing patterns for girls. Make this demin skirt DIY in about an hour!

1-Hour Denim Skirt DIY

I have now found my favorite way to make a skirt.  How else can you have a skirt with a waistband and pockets that you don’t actually have to make?   I LOVE IT! Free Sewing Pattern for Girls: 1-hour denim skirt Materials: Old pair of jeans 1/2 yard of fabric (I actually bought 1 1/2 yards and used some of it to make a … [Read More...]

One of the simplest gluten free meals you will ever make. Gluten Free Chili Cornbread Skillet

Gluten Free Chili Cornbread Skillet

Many thanks to HORMEL® Chili for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to try a new way to eat chili! Cornbread and chili are two things Alabamians love. Why not combine the two in an iron skillet and make us really happy? This gluten free meal is so incredibly simple thanks to Hormel Chili and your favorite gluten free cornbread … [Read More...]