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Our kids are only 2 1/2 and 5 months old yet we’re already having a hard time making sure the four of us spent quality time all together as a family. Last night Hubs and I had to sit down with a calendar and figure out when Sweet T is going to her grandparent’s house and which nights Hubs will be “babysitting” so I can get blog work done. We have to schedule date night, church activities, and figure out how we’re each going to squeeze in some alone time so we don’t go crazy! Imagine how it’s going to be once Sweet T and Gus start school, sports, music lessons, and their own church groups. *gasp*


Me in a Tree realizes that close family connections don’t just happen on their own. It takes a conscious effort to create those bonds. Fortunately they’ve developed a resource for families to strengthen their connections together. To begin, each family member creates their own profile and avatar.

Next choose a date for a family huddle in which members will all come together to talk and have fun.
From there take advantage of all the apps Me in a Tree has to offer: a calendar to keep activities and events organized (including who is dropping off and picking up), a gratitude journal in which family members can record things they are thankful for and share them with the family, and “My Duties” section which keeps chores and responsibilities fun and organized. Me in a Tree also provides ideas and suggestions for local activities for families and couples to participate in.


Why not learn more about Me in a Tree and start your 2-week free trial today? No credit card required.
For more information about Me in a Tree be sure to visit them on Facebook and Twitter


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  1. How cool!

  2. Life with children is always so hectic.

  3. Love this tool for family time. Grea job Dave and Jenn

  4. That is a great idea.

  5. What a wonderful idea!

  6. This looks fun

  7. Looks like a handy app to have.

  8. Love that you can try it out for free for two weeks.

  9. This looks great! A great way to stay connected in a fasted paced world.

  10. Neat app!

  11. This looks like a really cool app & I love that the first 2 weeks are free.

  12. This looks like a really handy app.

  13. What a neat way to help organize all the things in your life.

  14. thats great they offer a 2 week free trial

  15. I like that they have a free 2 week trial to see if you like it first.

  16. Sounds like a great tool.

  17. What a great app for family organization!

  18. Great idea.

  19. This looks really cool!

  20. What a fun way to maintain a good family connection!

  21. That sounds really neat.

  22. ha. this is too cute and your little cartoon looks so much like you.

  23. Great website – Me in a tree’s link is

  24. It’s amazing … there really is an app for everything!

  25. What a cool looking app for families.

  26. This is so cool! I have never heard of this program before. I like the whoe calendar aspect of the program. What is really great is the gratitude journal . Sometimes we get so busy we forget to tell those around us how much we appreciate them. Thanks for sharing.

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