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What’s in your refrigerator right now? I’ll show you what’s in mine. As a blogger and wannbe photographer I was tempted to clean and organize everything in the fridge before taking pictures and publishing, but then I decided to be real. I’m a mom: a mom to a toddler and a newborn. Most of my readers are moms too, so let’s be honest here. Keeping our refrigerators picture-perfect may not be too high on the priority list in light of two in diapers and sleepless nights, right? Thankfully, I have a Maytag Ice20 French Door Refrigerator that keeps our food organized, accessible, and visible in spite of our crazy lives.

Our new refrigerator arrived only a week after Gus did. Right now it’s mostly full of condiments, freezer meals, and leftover freezer meals. We’re in survival mode around here, what can I say? One thing I noticed right off the bat was the ability to store a gallon of milk in the door. Sweet T is a huge milk drinker and we need to have quick access for sippy cup refills. No more bending over and rooting for the milk like with my old fridge (in the dark no less because the light didn’t work!).

We’re not big soda drinkers, but I really appreciate the smart design of this refrigerator’s interior which can accommodate several soda bottles. Whenever we entertain guests or Hubs gets a craving for a root beer, I buy two-liters of soda. Previously we had to store the bottles on their sides due to the shelve heights but now we can store them upright. Yay!

Ok, since we’ve already established that we’re being honest here, how often do you clean your refrigerator? I’ve got to admit that I don’t clean mine often enough. We’re talking a couple of times a year maybe. Terrible, I know. Now that I have the Ice20 French Door Refrigerator I’m doing a little better about refrigerator cleanliness. For one thing it’s a brand new, high-end appliance and I’m fussy about it! For another thing, the French door setup allows me to look into the refrigerator at eye level and see how clean it is. No more bending over to be faced with the reality of my messes. They are right in my face and it’s much easier to recognize them and clean them up. Lastly, the Ice20 French Door Refrigerator has Adjustable Spill-Catcher shelves which make the messes not so daunting to clean up in the first place.

Ok so obviously I have kids: a two-year old and a newborn. Sweet T, the toddler, has just discovered opening and closing doors all over the house so I’m thankful that the Maytag Ice20 French Door Refrigerator’s doors are high enough that she can’t reach them. When she’s old enough to get snacks for herself she will be tall enough to utilize the French doors, but for now I can rest easy knowing she won’t be opening and closing the door and raising our utility bill. Thank you Maytag! The Maytag Ice20 French Door Refrigerator also has and access drawer with flexible storage for up to five bags of groceries:

Sweet T can get into this drawer but she doesn’t know it yet (shhhh!) Just in case she figures this out I keep her favorite snacks in the drawer like grapes. It won’t be long before she’ll be able to serve herself out of the drawer making things easier on Mom. If you have older children, you’ll love the design that allows kids to serve themselves and keeps you from hearing “Mooooommmmyyyy!!!!” a few less times per day.

Another thing I appreciate about the Maytag Ice20 French Door Refrigerator is the fact that the freezer is on the bottom. We typically don’t access our freezer as much as the refrigerator so it makes sense for it to be on the bottom instead of the top. Less bending over! Even though we may not open the freezer every day, we still depend on it for lots of food storage particularly since I prepared freezer meals in anticipation of Gus’ arrival. The freezer drawer and the drawer WITHIN the freezer provide an intelligent use of space. As you can see we’ve packed it out!

We were able to fit more items in our new freezer than we were our old, even bringing things up from the chest freezer to fill it all the way.

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I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post.

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