Happy Halloween!

We just returned from Sweet T’s first night of trick-or-treating. Since she’s been having such teething/crankiness issues this consisted of visiting our neighbor’s house then putting her to bed!

She did not want Grandma T to hold her…

but was happy to enjoy all the goodies she sent her home with including apples,

popcorn balls,

and Kit-Kat bars.

“Why didn’t you tell me about these, Mom? They are shaped like french fries, but taste like cookies!”

Hope you had a safe and happy Halloween!

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  1. poor thing, teething is no fun! Good thing she has many more Halloweens to make up for this one.

  2. aww, poor sweetie :( she will have many more fun Halloweens to make up for a icky one. Hope her teething pain is over soon.

  3. Teething is horrible! My daughter is getting four of her molars in right now and it’s just so painful to see her uncomfortable and the teeth pushing through her tender gums.

  4. Poor thing! But there’ll be many Halloweens ahead!!

    Happy Halloween!

  5. What a little CUTIE pie!!! Awwww! I’m sure next year will be amazing to make up for the trauma this year. 😉

  6. So cute! My son was the same way at that age :)

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