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There are about three things I can do with hair and all of them involved a sock bun, ponytail or both. Since Sweet T was born I’m learned to French braid, but still haven’t mastered the skill on my own hair.

French braid with sock bun

The sock bun still makes an appearance!

This is what my hair looks like when nothing has been done to it but a good shampoo and condition with products like Dove Advanced Hair Care series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Oxygen Moisture Conditioner…plus a blow dry:
curling straight hair
It could be worse. There’s no frizz to worry about and we’ll ignore the fact that it’s mouse-brown. Those ends could definitely use some TLC from Dove Pure Care Dry Oils though.

The new Dove® Advanced Hair Care Series offers two new innovative, sensorial hair collections suited to your hair’s needs. New Dove® Oxygen Moisture provides weightless moisture plus volume for fine, flat hair, so you can keep that light happy feeling bouncy and beautiful hair going all day long. If you’re looking to nourish dull and dry hair, try the luxurious New Dove® Pure Care Dry Oils collection and breathe new life into your hair.


As a busy mom and blogger there rarely much time to do much to my hair but keep it clean! Sometimes I’ll sleep in a sock bun if I’m feeling like curls or just too lazy to shampoo
curly hair tutorial no heat
Once I even clipped in some color I was so desperate for a quick new look

natural hair clip in blue

And I’m not above asking someone I’ve only known a day to help tame my hair.

 ♪ hey I just met you and this is crazy but we're both bloggers so French-braid my hair maybe? ♪

♪ hey I just met you and this is crazy but we’re both bloggers so French-braid my hair maybe? ♪

What’s your hair story? What’s your go-to look? How can Dove help?

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  1. Beautiful hair!

  2. A novel way to make new friends!

  3. I love Dove products! I use them here at home. Oh, don’t feel bad. I can’t do my own hair either. It’s hard to see the back of your head to do things like that!

  4. I use a lot of Dove products, not only because they’re good, but for what they stand for and their support of real women. My hair, though, is so beyond help, I’m afraid. :/

  5. I have to admit that I’m probably the typical guy, in that I just wash my hair, slap some gel in it, and glance to make sure that it doesn’t look too ridiculous before I leave the house. This is really good information for future gift ideas. I’ve also had long hair in the past and I’ve wanted to learn how to braid hair.

  6. LOVE the hairdo in the first pick!

  7. Love the new hair!! Too cute!

  8. You have such pretty hair! I learned to french braid my own hair when I was in 6th grade and wore it that way almost every day that whole year so I mastered the art young. Hopefully it comes back to me when Nova’s hair gets long enough.

  9. I always get asked to french braid peoples hair. I always wondered if that sock bun really worked. I need to try it!

  10. I would love to be able to do that first picture on my daughter’s long gorgeous hair!

  11. Very nice style. We have used Dove products for years.

  12. You look terrific in curls. What in the heck is a sock bun?

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