Inspirational Quotes for the Worry Wart – Part 1

Worry is a fundamental element of human nature, but some of us struggle with it more than others (if you’re a worry wart put your hands up!). I Hope this collection of quotes will help squelch some worry in your life and bring a smile to your face. A wise, wise man realized that last […]

Inspirational Quotes About Happiness

Some are funny and some are profound, but either way I hope these quotes brighten your day as much as they did mine.

Do you think my tractor’s sexy?

Hubs and I bought a little Yanmar to till the garden, cut the grass, and clean out the “back 40.” It will replace our lawnmower and hopefully last a long time. Sweet T is going to enjoy taking rides on it next spring. I just love this picture of the two of them together!   […]

DIY Oatmeal Bath Recipe: Make your own and save!

My earliest encounter with an oatmeal bath came in 3rd grade when I contracted chicken pox. Mom made a this DIY Oatmeal Bath Recipe to help me get some relief! Sweet T has diaper rash for the first time in her life and I’m turning to the same oatmeal bath recipe to help her through. Why […]

Three Unique Ways to Demonstrate Gratitude

It’s well and good to have an “attitude of gratitude,” but how about actually putting it into practice to those around you? Here are three simple things you can do today to show your appreciation and make someone’s day. 1. Leave a treat for your mail carrier – If your mail runs about the same […]

Window Project

It’s way too nice of a day outside to be blogging and my poor washed out garden beckons so this will be a short post. Just wanted to show off my new windows! This is the first time since we’ve been married that I’ve had windows that actually open and that I will bother cleaning. […]

What does simplicity mean to you?

It’s interesting how the concept for simplicity can mean completely different things to different people. My mom and I were discussing this and for her, simplicity usually equals ease. She’d rather buy it than make it, pay full price rather than clip a coupon, and she places a premium on convenience. For her, that’s simple […]

Valentines Idea For Him

Need a Valentines idea for him? OK, so a true Valentines idea for him would be skipping the holiday altogether (or participating in an activity that isn’t suitable to mention on a family-friendly blog *snark snark*), but since us girls aren’t going to let them get away with that, we can at least give our guy […]

“I just don’t have time”

This phrase has crept its way into my speech and thoughts more and more over the last five months. My favorite variant is the sarcastic “Oh I should do that in my spare time.” I’m trying to eradicate this attitude. It reeks of martyrdom and the truth is we all pretty much have the time […]

Crochet Longies

After my success with crocheting a diaper soaker, I wanted to attempt a pair of longies for Sweet T to run around the house in this winter. Ok, so she’s not exactly running around at 5 months old (more like sitting around and whining for me to take her to “see what she can see” […]