Building Families Naturally with #TheStork @TheStork4Women

Hubs and I were married 7 years before Sweet T came along. After 5 years of preventing pregnancy at all costs we figured conception must be something pretty simple to do, otherwise we wouldn’t have been so vigilant in preventing it! This assumption was reinforced when I became pregnant during my first cycle of “not […]

A Toolkit for New Moms: Postpartum Essentials #DulcoEasePink

Of course diapers, love, and plenty of rest are must-haves for new moms but what are some postpartum essentials that make life a little easier right after giving birth? Let me share with my pregnant readers and new moms some of those items I “never knew I always needed.” 1. Sleep Nursing Bra – Of course you’ll […]

Tips for First Time Moms #ComfortsForBaby

Now that baby #2 is here, it seems like Sweet T was just a practice round! I’m not sure if it’s because Gus is an all-around better baby, or if it’s just because this isn’t my first rodeo, but taking care of my second has proven to be much easier than my first. Here’s a […]

Staged Nutrition from Enfamil

As an exclusively-breastfeeding mother I’m not very familiar with formula brands. However, I support mothers no matter how they choose to nourish their children (we’ve got to stick together ladies!) and know that Enfamil is a trusted brand among formula moms. What I didn’t know is that Enfamil also provides a Staged Nutrition Line designed […]

A Little Pregnancy Humor

I’m not sure Mystery Baby is ever going to get here. Granted my due date isn’t until Friday but Since Sweet T arrived a whole week early I kind of had my hopes up for #2 following the same pattern or arriving even earlier. Since that’s not happening I’ve resorting to whining and moaning about […]

First Pregnancy vs. Second Pregnancy

This pregnancy has gone quite differently than my first. I’m not sure if the difference lies in this being a second pregnancy, it being unplanned, or my being a couple of years older, but I’m currently 20 weeks along with baby #2 and here’s what I’ve noticed so far: Pregnancy #1 Pregnancy #2 Announcing  Let’s […]

RSV Awareness and Prevention

I can remember the final weeks of my pregnancy with Sweet T quite clearly. Even though I couldn’t wait to sleep on my stomach again and be able to sit down without a foot poking my ribs, I’m happy she decided to stay put for a full 39 weeks. Sweet T at 10 minutes old […]

Guest Post: How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

It is the most exciting time of your life, you are about to become a mom. Your body is changing in new and wonderful ways. There are so many exciting moments and there is nothing like feeling your baby kick for the first time. The rate at which your body changes is rapid, and although […]

Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Judging by all the stretch mark prevention products out there I’m not the only vain mama in the world. Lest you think I’m too conceited, I did worry about more important things during my pregnancy such as good nutrition, birth defects, miscarriage, etc. However, I’ve got admit that I dreaded those inevitable white scars. All […]