Why Young Mothers Should Be Exempt from Christmas

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If you’re a mom to small children, here’s why you should cut yourself some slack this year (and the next year and the year after that.)  Everybody else wishes they could since Thanksgiving and Christmas are way too close together this year, but you my friend have valid reasons. Consider the following if you’re having […]

When Did You Become Camera Shy? @Dove Self-Esteem Project

Raising a little girl in this world is tougher than it used to be. Just this week I commented on a friend’s Facebook share about a model who was being targeting as fat for not having “thigh gap.” Ensuring our daughters grow up with a healthy self-image is a challenge modern moms are facing like […]

Practicing Gratitude: Family Activity and Free Printable

Practicing Gratitude Family Activity with Free Printable #thanksgiving

We all know we should practice gratitude year-round, but November seems to be the month most of us actually make a conscious effort to be thankful. Facebook feeds fill with 30 days of gratitude and Pinners are busy creating Thanksgiving trees. As a parent I’m constantly looking for ways to show my children how to […]

Building Families Naturally with #TheStork @TheStork4Women

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Hubs and I were married 7 years before Sweet T came along. After 5 years of preventing pregnancy at all costs we figured conception must be something pretty simple to do, otherwise we wouldn’t have been so vigilant in preventing it! This assumption was reinforced when I became pregnant during my first cycle of “not […]

Our Morning Routine

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Hubs and I are both creatures of habit who seek out routine. Naturally both our children thrive best when a routine is in place and followed, particularly with morning and bedtime activities. Here’s what each morning looks like for the kids: Gus wakes up and immediately wants to eat. You’d better had his sausage patty […]

My Life Insurance To Do List #GenworthUSA


I love this goofball. Beardo and all. The thought of something happening to him makes my stomach churn (and not just because he brings home the bacon. Promise.) While the emotional toll of his passing would be far greater than the financial toll, there’s only one of those factors I have some control over. We have […]

Have you played today? #CherishChildhood with @Gymboree

Decorating sugar cookies with sprinkles

“The days are long but the years are short” is something I’m fond of saying. It’s simply amazing how quickly our children grow up when some days seem like they will never end! My baby is almost one. Somebody tell me how that happened? This year I’ve been faithful to take a photo each and […]

Walmart’s #EveryLittleStep Event and Twitter Party!


Did you know that in addition to Walmart’s every day low prices they also offer baby-item specials twice per year? Each September and February moms can enjoy discounts on a wide selection of popular brands. This month take advantage of value bundles and rollbacks on top-rated baby items in stores and online through September 13 […]

Take a Time Out with these Pampering Ideas


Motherhood is certainly one of life’s greatest joys, however, it does requires a lot of time and energy and can be a bit overwhelming. Most of us mamas, particularly new moms or those who have multiple children, find it almost impossible to balance quality time with our families and time for ourselves and, for those […]

Simple Cheap Preschool Activity


Sometime the best things in life really are free. Sweet T and I had more fun with this simple cheap preschool activity than we have with many of her pricey toys. All you need is an egg carton, some double-sided adhesive, and the great outdoors. Simply head off into the woods, your local nature trail, […]