Get a free Amwell visit! Plus, Gus’ first trip to the ER…

Moms of boys. I’ve got a question for you. 27 comments yielded some sage advice from “lots of prayer” to “just wait until they get a dirt bike.” The latter wasn’t too encouraging. And exactly two weeks later… I’m really surprised that we lasted this long without a visit, because…boys. Gus cut his head by tripping and […]

5 Stress Management Tips for Moms

This post is brought to you by RESCUE Remedy. All opinions are my own. Most moms are intimately familiar with stress. Life’s little challenges can build up and affect our health just as much as a major life event. Below are 5 practical tips that you can implement today to start managing that everyday stress […]

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Who among us actually likes to clean? I love a squeaky clean house, but don’t necessarily enjoy the process of getting it to that point. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for shortcuts to take, cleaning tips to pin, or products that help make the process easier. If you feel the same way, read […]

Parenting in the Digital Age

Mamas, our generation faces unprecedented parenting challenges thanks to technology. My parents cringed as I read graffiti (aloud of course) at the park or magazine headlines in the grocery check out about how to please my man in the sack. I get to cringe at both of those things plus that sidebar ad for busty Russian babes who want to marry American […]

5 Morning Success Tips for Busy Moms

Are you a morning person? Good for you. I’ve always been a night owl, but even if you’re an early bird the responsibility of getting a family up, at ’em, and out the door each morning can be overwhelming. Below are 5 tips to set yourself of for morning success and conquer your day! 1. […]

Resurrection Garden Easter Craft

At our one and only MOPS meeting of March (sniffle), we discussed the importance of sharing the Easter message with our children. The resurrection really is the touchstone of our faith, yet we generally put more spiritual emphasis on Christmas than Easter. But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen: […]

Cabin Fever? 20 Indoor Activities for Kids

Cabin fever has set in around our house. Between inclement weather keeping the roads closed, preschool closing for snow days, and the sickies, we just haven’t been able to get out of the house like we’d like! Below are 20 indoor activities for kids. Pull them out of your hat on rainy days, snow days, […]

5 Snacking Tips for Picky Preschoolers

I once read that preschoolers get nearly half their nutrition from snacking. If mine had their way, the total would be 100%! Small children naturally want to “graze” and if you have picky eaters like me, it’s important to find nutritious ways for them to satisfy their snack attacks. Below are a few snacking tips […]

Decluttering Tips: 20 things to toss out NOW

Decluttering is something many of us start to think about in January. The excess of Christmas and the thought of a fresh start with the beginning of a new year usually inspires me to reclaim some space! Plus, clutter gives me anxiety. How about you? Maybe I’m just weird. Below are 20 things you can donate, […]

Three Ways to Organize Your Essential Oils

Since we started using Young Living Essential Oils almost a year ago, my collection has grown abundantly. I never gave much thought to organizing essential oils until the quantity finally demanded that I get my oils off the kitchen counter (and classified by color and alphabetized ;).)  Here are three ways organize your essential oils depending […]