Resurrection Garden Easter Craft

Looking for Christian Easter ideas? Try this Easter craft plus learn 6 ways to share the Easter story with your children.

At our one and only MOPS meeting of March (sniffle), we discussed the importance of sharing the Easter message with our children. The resurrection really is the touchstone of our faith, yet we generally put more spiritual emphasis on Christmas than Easter. But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen: […]

Postpartum Weight Loss #PostNatalFatBurner

Loosing baby weight can be difficult. Try these weightloss tips for beating the postnatal bulge! |fitness

Twelve years and two kids later, I’m actually a little thinner than the day Hubs and I got married. My tummy will never look the same, but it goes to show that losing baby weight is possible. You can do it!   Sweet T was my first child (Sweet T Makes Three!) and having suffered […]

Cabin Fever? 20 Indoor Activities for Kids

Boredom Busters! Use these indoor activities for kids to make sure no one goes stir crazy. 20 rainy day activities to choose from! #19 is genius.

Cabin fever has set in around our house. Between inclement weather keeping the roads closed, preschool closing for snow days, and the sickies, we just haven’t been able to get out of the house like we’d like! Below are 20 indoor activities for kids. Pull them out of your hat on rainy days, snow days, […]

5 Snacking Tips for Picky Preschoolers

Got a picky eater? Try these snack ideas for kids.

I once read that preschoolers get nearly half their nutrition from snacking. If mine had their way, the total would be 100%! Small children naturally want to “graze” and if you have picky eaters like me, it’s important to find nutritious ways for them to satisfy their snack attacks. Below are a few snacking tips […]

Decluttering Tips: 20 things to toss out NOW

20 Things to throw away right now. Decluttering and organizing for the new year!

Decluttering is something many of us start to think about in January. The excess of Christmas and the thought of a fresh start with the beginning of a new year usually inspires me to reclaim some space! Plus, clutter gives me anxiety. How about you? Maybe I’m just weird. Below are 20 things you can donate, […]

Three Ways to Organize Your Essential Oils

Three ways to organize your essential oils depending on the size of your collection

Since we started using Young Living Essential Oils almost a year ago, my collection has grown abundantly. I never gave much thought to organizing essential oils until the quantity finally demanded that I get my oils off the kitchen counter (and classified by color and alphabetized ;).)  Here are three ways organize your essential oils depending […]

7 tips for Decorating Cookies with Kids #IDelight

How to Host a Cookie Decorating Playdate without loosing your mind

Baking and devouring sweet treats are two of Sweet T’s favorite things in the world so she was elated to have a friend over this week for a cookie decorating playdate. Brother even got to participate in the fun! Here are a few do’s and dont’s for decorating cookies with your kids or hosting a […]

A Better World for Kids: A Game for Good


Whether video games on consoles or a computer or apps on phones and tablets, games are everywhere these days. Most are for entertainment, but many these days are focusing on education and positive thinking. Though I don’t want Sweet T or Gus to be constantly staring at a screen, I appreciate that there are games […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Snacks

Thanksgiving Turkey Snacks for Fall

It finally FEELS like fall around here now. Today we’re celebrating with these cute little turkeys for an after school snack. Hoping the kids gobble them right up! (*groan*) Thanksgiving Turkey Snacks Print Thanksgiving Turkey Snacks Author: Jenn Recipe type: Snack Cuisine: Kids Prep time:  5 mins Total time:  5 mins   Your kids are sure to “gobble […]

Fall Sensory Table

Fall sensory table #IDelight

It’s October. They tell me it’s fall. I’m not really convinced since the high here is 87 degrees today. I know that come January I’ll be grateful I don’t have to pour hot water on my car just to get the door open, but it would be nice to experience a fall and spring like […]