Gift Ideas for New Moms

5 Gifts New Moms Really Want #mothersday #motherhood

With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it would be helpful to offer some gift ideas for new moms. Friends and family, if you like to bring new moms a gift either at the hospital, at home or to commemorate her first Mother’s Day here are a few ideas. Cute newborn outfits are standard and fun, […]

Room Reveal! Sweet T’s Sweet Shop Bedroom

Sweet Shop Bedroom Theme for Kids #homedecor #diy

Sweet T’s sweet treats bedroom has slowly been evolving since we moved in 5 months ago. I think we’re going to call it done! Taking pictures of her room made me realize why I only enjoy photographing food and my children. In other words….sorry for the crappy pictures. Would you believe her walls are actually […]

10 Ways to Practice Acts of Kindness with Small Children

10 Ways to Practice Acts of Kindness with Small Children #service #RAK

In this age of entitlement, it’s important to teach our children empathy and selflessness as early as possible. Guess what that requires? Being kind and selfless yourself! Completing family service projects and encouraging acts of kindness are great ways to build character in yourself and your child. You’ll even make special memories together in the […]

Stop Teething Pain Naturally and Quickly

Stop teething pain naturally and quickly

Gus has been in a terrible mood lately and teething is the culprit. He skipped right over those pointy vampire teeth (are they incisors?) and went straight to molars so we didn’t realize he was cutting any since usually they start in the front and work their way back. Finally he got so irritable (that’s […]

Daddy Daughter Date Night at Chick-Fil-A


Each year around Valentine’s Day our local Chick-fil-A hosts a Daddy Daughter Date Night. This year, Daddy Daughter Date Night had to be postponed due to snow and ice. Sweet T and Hubs put on their finest before they stepped out on the town. She sat still long enough for me to do an upside […]

Messy Moments at Our House

fingerpainted hands

Kids are a mess. Let me present some evidence: Sweet T circa 2012 The food goes in your mouth, Son. That goes for you too, baby Sweet T. I don’t even remember what happened here Kids will make sure your house is a mess too. I’d love to tell you that things look different here […]

8 Ways to Keep Kids Healthy During the Winter

8 ways to keep kids healthy during the winter

Does is seem like your kids are sick every other week this time of year? Are your little germ magnets bring home colds and spreading it to the rest of the family? This was the story of our lives last winter. Sweet T and Gus would come down with a cold or fever, keep it […]

Lego Duplo Playdate with Bricks 4 Kidz

e Collage

Sweet T and I enjoyed a Mommy and Me Lego playdate today, and Gus…well, wreaked havoc while we played. Beth from Bricks 4 Kidz offers after-school classes, preschool classes, camps, field trips, scouting activities, and birthday parties all featuring Lego or Duplo blocks. Our MOPS group got together for some preschool fun. Today’s Mommy and […]

Did you do your best today, Mama? Then that’s enough.

Do your best and forget the rest #parenting #motherhood

In this age of Pinterest boards, mommy blogs and social media comparison, the mantra “Do your best and forget the rest” is something young mothers need to be reminded of. Obviously since I’m posting this to my mommy blog I have nothing against them, but many days your personal best as a mom doesn’t involve […]

Why Young Mothers Should Be Exempt from Christmas

grinch and cindy lou who

If you’re a mom to small children, here’s why you should cut yourself some slack this year (and the next year and the year after that.)  Everybody else wishes they could since Thanksgiving and Christmas are way too close together this year, but you my friend have valid reasons. Consider the following if you’re having […]

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