I miss the 90’s


Am I the only one who thinks of the decade before this one as the 90’s? I’ll even catch myself thinking “Oh please this is the 90’s. Who cares?” I’m afraid 1992 was 20 years ago and I’m having a fit of nostalgia.  Why? Politics: we were worried about this crap Instead of this crap […]

Beach Party Theme

9 Ideas for a fun beach party theme

Our MOPS group kicked off its first meeting last week. Since this year’s theme is “Plunge In,” the ladies came up with a beach party theme that was put together so well. Where did they come up with all these beach party ideas? While I was excited to reconnect with friends and see some new […]

Cake Pop #Fail

cake pop disaster

Today kids, we’re going to learn how to make cake pops. *snort* My friend Lexi and I decided to attempt them together. Actually I decided to make cake pops and wreck her kitchen to do it. Details, details. Everything started off fine. Her husband even came in at this point in the process, stole sampled […]

A World Without Magnets

Magnets play a huge part in today’s life, bigger than you might think because normally, you can’t see them. Take a glance at your kitchen applicances for example! Even the amount of appliances in your home don’t scratch the surface as to how magnets actually impact our lives. The next time you step outside (or […]

How to Solve the Cracker Barrel Triangle Puzzle

You know the one I’m talking about: the wooden triangle with golf pegs that you try to figure out while waiting for your food. When I was a child, my dad taught me a Cracker Barrel puzzle solution that I quickly memorized and still use today. I’m sure there’s many ways to solve the puzzle, […]

How to Fold a Towel Animal: Swan

How to fold a towel animal swan

The towel swan is one of the easiest towel animals to create. I like to make two and place them nose to nose on our guest bed whenever a couple comes to visit. You will need: 1 bath towel or sheet Sunglasses (optional) Step 1: Lay out the bath towel horizontally then fold the top […]

Hey Girl Hubs Edition


I love the Hey Girl Ryan Gosling meme. Every time a new one pops up on Pinterest I crack up. Hubs thinks they are pretty funny too since he has three sisters, a mom, a wife, and a daughter. He knows women! My favorite so far? It’s a toss up between: or (since I’m a wannabe […]

Taste Test Commercial Spoof

Geico is famous taking social mores, expressions, and figures of speech and turning them into humorous commercials. Are you familiar with their latest taste-test commercial? Well, 21st Century Insurance made this funny Taste Test Commercial Spoof Enjoy!



I saw this on Facebook today and it cracked me up.

Sock Bun Curls Tutorial

curly hair tutorial no heat

Sock Bun Curls A Sock Bun Curls tutorial has been making the rounds on Pinterest and though skeptical, I decided to give it a go. I can’t believe it actually worked! Hubs took a “before” sock bun curls picture of my hair: And here’s the after picture of my sock bun curls I had to take […]