Step up your game & discover your product lineup at Target! #PregamePride

Hubs goes through hair pomade like water. Every time there’s a sale, we stock up on it so he doesn’t run out…even in the event of a zombie apocalypse. With a son who shares his haystack hair texture, I have a feeling we’ll be doubling our monthly pomade budget soon. ūüėČ   Target wants you […]

Mom Guilt Bingo

Feeling some mom guilt today? Of course you are! Let’s make a game of it. Mom Guilt Bingo¬†is perfect for¬†Mom’s night out,¬†where¬†you’re already¬†feeling guilty for enjoying the break you are taking from the kids. Everyone gets a free space for looking at their phone at the park. If you have not used your phone at […]

7 Tips for an Epic Picnic {$50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway #CleanItForward}

School may be starting back, but that doesn’t mean summer is over. Nature didn’t get the memo that the kids are in school and fall clothing in is stores. That means it’s still picnic time! Tips for a Picnic 1. Leave the kids at home. KIDDING! Sort of. The last time we attempted a picnic […]

Pin to Win with Haverty Spring Refresh #HavertysRefresh

For the last six months I’ve been slowly feathering our new nest. For my birthday last month, Hubs bought me a new couch and a chair to match. Sweet T immediately staked out her spot.¬† We have a few more miles to go with our new home, but I prefer to look at what we’ve […]

Southerners in the Snow

Today is a snow day here in the Tennessee Valley. There’s nothing like watching Southerners in the snow. We’re not ashamed of our excitement over a few flakes! ¬†Accumulation happens infrequently so we always make the most of it. How? We attempt to drive in it We rush outdoors half naked. It might melt away […]

Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt Clues (part 2)

My first Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt was so popular I’ve had requests to create another one. It’s nothing fancy but appropriate for all ages and utilizes items found in almost every home. Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt Clues Clue #1 Wrap this first clue and give to the recipient Empty box? Not to worry, Check the […]

The Thrift Store Game

Lest you think all we did on our girl’s getaway to Atlanta was eat amazing food, I wanted to tell you about one of the most memorable activities of our trip. The thrift store game! It’s perfect for youth groups or crazy moms like us who are celebrating being away from their children by acting […]

DIY Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub

As the heat comes to an end and you reach for your favorite seasonal latte from Starbucks, let Indie Lee, creator of the eco-chic and all-natural skincare line, soothe your sun drenched skin and give you a flawless fall complexion with her DIY Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub. Inspired by the Indie Lee fan favorite Coconut […]

Curious George Birthday Party (Sweet T Turns Three!)

Sweet T is obsessed with Curious George so naturally she celebrated turning 3 with a Curious George birthday party. We kept things simple by only inviting a few family members and making sure Sweet T and Gus were the only small children present. I made the cupcakes from a cake mix and frosted them using […]

Summer Nail Ideas with Jamberry Nail Wraps

Confession: I am a cuticle-chewer. Not a nail-biter, but a cuticle chewer. It’s one of those fun things I inherited from my dad along with OCD and big feet (since he was kind enough to pass along a razor-sharp wit and the gift of sarcasm it’s a small price to pay) As a result this […]