Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper Giveaway – Ends 7/19

3in1 rocker napper

Winner: Heather S. It may not seem like it, but newborns sleep around 16 hours per day. You’d think mom would be getting plenty of sleep with a schedule like that, but as anyone with children knows, that’s just not the case. For at least the first three months babies get their 16 hours in […]

Halo SleepSack Swaddle Giveaway – Ends 7/18

halo sleepsack-with-callouts

Winner: Nicole H. Sleeps sacks! They can be a mom’s best friend. Did you know Sweet T still sleeps in a sack at nearly 2 years old? It keeps her from standing up in her crib, throwing all her attachment objects out, jumping up and down, etc. It’s been a great part of the nighttime […]

Sweet Pea Maternity Giveaway – Ends 7/17

gery maternity top

Winner: Beth R. During my pregnancy with Sweet T, I wasn’t even in maternity clothes until my 7th month. This time around I’m showing a little sooner and am already getting tired of wearing the same tops over and over. Cheap maternity clothes are hard to find which is another reason my first maternity wardrobe […]

Bella Blu Maternity Pajama Giveaway – Ends 7/16

japanese weekend maternity pajamas

Winner: Katie S. When Sweet T was a newborn, I was pretty sleep-deprived. Actually, I was pretty sleep-deprived from the third trimester and beyond due to not being able to get comfortable. With this pregnancy I’m doing everything I can to ensure sleeping actually happens and that breastfeeding goes as smoothly as possible. Thanks to […]

Just #NameIt! With @Cottonelle Giveaway – Ends 7/24

Winner: Mary E.   Thank you to Cottonelle for sponsoring this post and encouraging me to “Name It!”, Visit Cottonelle on Facebook to share your name and enter to win! Weekly winner gets a year supply of Cottonelle Double Toilet Paper and a year’s, supply of Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes. See official rules for details. With an almost […]

@Blue_Bunny Giveaway – Ends 7/4

blue bunny cadbury bar flavors

Winner: Debbie J. Did you have a happy Father’s Day? I got to spend the day with my dad and husband so that was the perfect way to celebrate the special dads in my life. Since the restaurant crowds are usually crazy on Father’s Day, we enjoyed a Father’s Day luncheon with our church family. […]

Snikiddy Snacks and Grocery Card Giveaway – Ends 6/18


Between a pregnant mama and a picky toddler, it’s important that we keep healthy, tasty snacks in our home. Snikiddy has a line of natural, baked snacks that I can enjoy and feed to my daughter without any mom guilt. With a variety of flavors to choose from, our taste buds won’t be getting bored […]

$50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway – Ends 6/14

nail polish

Winner: Elena I. Summertime for me means tshirts, wet hair, flip-flops, pony tails, and anything else to beat the heat. It can leave a girl feeling a bit frumpy but with highs already in the 90s, makeup and nice outfits kind of go out the window in favor of just getting to the car and […]

éclos Skin Care Giveaway #EclosAntiAgingKit – Ends 6/11

eclos anti aging beauty starter kit

Winner: Patti G. This post brought to you by éclos Skin Care. All opinions are 100% mine.   The big 3-0 came and went last month and while I don’t feel any different, the arrival at the 30 number has made me more diligent with my skin care routine. Over the past week I’ve had […]

Linksys EA2700 Wireless Router Giveaway – Ends 6/5

linksys EA 2700 Router

Winner: Jessie C. Hubs and I have experience serious wireless woes in the past. Sometimes I feel like we’re the only people in the world without home wireless connectivity, but all we have to do is remember the nightmare of trying to set up a router and we decide to be content with what we […]