Travel Gifts for Men: Best Travel Gift Ideas for 2015!

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for. It seems like their wish lists items are complex, expensive or both. You can’t just buy them a candle and some body wash and be done with it, right? And they say women are complicated. Humph. If you have a travelling man in your life, gift buying can be a lot […]

STEM Gifts for Girls: GoldieBloxs STEM Toys

STEM Gifts for Girls: GoldieBloxs STEM Toys The terms “STEM” and “STEM learning” have popped up seemingly everywhere lately. Maybe the emphasis on STEM learning has been around for a while and I’m just now being made aware of it due to having a Kindergartener for the first time. Just in case you were under […]

Gift in a Jar: It’s Fall Ya’ll Cookies

Our MOPS group did a fun fall make and take last Friday: It’s Fall Ya’ll Cookies! As soon as I brought mine home, the battle began to keep Hubs and Sweet T from fishing Reese’s Pieces out of the jar. I’m going to have to gift it to someone quickly! These Gift in a Jar […]

Gift Ideas for New Moms

With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it would be helpful to offer some gift ideas for new moms. Friends and family, if you like to bring new moms a gift either at the hospital, at home or to commemorate her first Mother’s Day here are a few ideas. Cute newborn outfits are standard and fun, […]

The Essential Guide To Facebook Co-Op Groups

Over the last 6 months I’ve spent around $600 ordering from over 20 different Facebook Co-op Groups. My family members got nicer-than-usual Christmas gifts and will continue to receive nice birthday presents for sure! I’ve been able to enjoy high-end makeup brands and personal care products that I’d normally never be able to afford, and […]

DIY Grapefruit Citrus Body Scrub

Grapefruit Citrus Body Scrub Ingredients: 1/2 tsp. grapefruit zest 1/2 tsp. grapefruit juice 1 c. granulated sugar 1/2 sea salt 2 tb. coconut oil (or oil of your choice) Directions: Combine zest, sugar and salt in a bowl. Add in oil and mix. Slowly drizzle grapefruit juice over and mix until incorporated. Place in an […]

Gift in a Jar: Friendship Soup with Free Printable

My MOPS group enjoyed made this gift in a jar last year. The ingredients are simple, readily available, and look pretty in a pint-sized Mason jar.   Friendship Soup Gift in A Jar Ingredients: 1/4 cup White Beans 1/4 cup Kidney Beans 1/4 cup Split Peas 1/4 cup Pinto Beans 2 Tbsp Barley (pearl or […]

Homemade Skin Cream

Mom made up a batch of Homemade Skin Cream with her KitchenAid mixer and was nice enough to share some with me. Why make homemade skin cream? Heavy-Duty moisture – If regular lotion isn’t getting the job done, try this thick mixture. You are in control of the ingredients – If you’re like my inlaws […]


Genetipetz is a new brand of unique stuffed animal toys for children that is currently running a funding campaign on Kickstarter. What makes Genetipetz so unique is that they combine the best parts of different animals to create a whole new Genetipetz animal. For example, if you take the body of an elephant, stripes of […]

Heartfelt Books: Your Answers Create the Perfect Gift

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for and my husband is no exception. He thinks he’s easy to buy for but the problem is everything on his wish list either has four zeros on the price tag or takes up as much space as a pet elephant. Thanks to Heartfelt Books I have his Christmas […]