Breakfast Cereals from the ’80s and ’90s

Take a walk down memory lane with me to a time when we wanted cereal for the tacky box and cheap prize inside rather than the high fiber content. 😉

I remember the obnoxious commercial for Nut and Honey more than the cereal itself

I wonder if this will make a comeback with the new movie?

Turtle Power!

I begged my mom for a box of Cookie Crisp after I saw it at a friend’s house. All I remember is the cookies got so soggy so quickly I nearly gagged at the texture.

This is for Hubs. I don’t remember Bigg Mixx, but it was his favorite.

I remember this exact box with the robot on it. Why? Because it stayed in our kitchen for months. After the Cookie Crisp fail, Mom refused to buy another box of novelty cereal unless I promised to eat the whole box whether I liked it or not. I ate the whole thing…eventually.

What was your favorite childhood cereal?

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  1. I want Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cereal!!

  2. I want the SMURF BERRY cereal! hehe

  3. Do you remember Sun Flakes?

    Yeah, the Kellogg’s Nut and Honeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey CRUNCH!!! was a bit of an obnoxious (though obviously memorable) commercial. =)

  4. They still seem so new to me!

  5. I look forward to Halloween every year for me some Frankenberry!!

  6. I remember getting super sick on Barbie cereal!

  7. I’m not sure how old you are, but I’m guessing we’re about the same age. I remember at least half of these cereals & Smurf Berry crunch was the BEST!! My sister and I begged my mom to buy them because we thought it was so cool to eat Smurf Berries while we watched the smurds on Saturdays LOL!!!

  8. That brings back some serious memories! I actually really liked French toast cruch. And ET cereal….that’s creepy!

  9. Those sure bring back memories! My sister and I always reminisce about Rice Krispies with Marshmallows. They were there, then they were gone.

  10. Oh I remember some of those!!! Way too cool. I LOVE seeing old things!!!!!! Not that I am old or anything, LOL!

  11. I remember that French Toast Crunch cereal. That stuff was GOOD. I got sad when I couldn’t find it anymore…along with Jif Chocolate Peanut Butter. It was like the nectar of the gods.

  12. I love when Frankenberry is out, it was my favorite. As a child we ate Kaboom it was the best!

  13. I used to BEG my mom to buy me Hidden Treasures! Then, one time she finally bought it for me…and it was awful LOL

  14. My mom would very rarely buy kid cereal when I was little, so a lot of these I have never seen before. I do still love me some cookie crisp cereal though lol.

  15. Ahh, some of these cereals bring back memories. A few, like the ET cereal, I don’t remember ever seeing. Fun post!

  16. Thank you! I have talked to many about hidden treasures cereal. Tried to describe it, but no one seems to remember… I see why now. Atleast I now know the name

  17. What about O’s… Or Mickey Mouse Magic Crunch?!

  18. I love 80’s and 90’s stuff and this post brings back good memories to me. In my country we did not have exactly the same kinds of cereals but the Kellogg’s : Frosties, Smacks,… I remember as well one box which had small cereal cookie bears but can’t remember its name. I remember they were pretty tough and crunchy so we did not buy them again lol We had as well one type which had big crunchy honey balls and there was a bee drawn on the box but I can’t remember the name. It is good to see things from those years again!!

  19. OMG, hilarious. Haven’t thought of some of these cereals in years! I did not know the made a New Kids on the Block one, that is so funny! We used to beg mom for the Dino Pebbles!

  20. Oh lord, hidden treasures was soooo nasty! lol. I also remember rice krispy treats cereal that was really good. the secret to eating cookie crisp cereal is to eat it without milk. so much better that way.

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