Back fat and Bunco Night

Moms night out is something ever mother enjoys no matter the age of her children. When you have an infant and a toddler, Mom’s night out becomes a downright necessity! I’m blessed to have a fantastic local MOPS (Moms Of Pre-Schoolers) group and we got together for a night of Bunco.

Old Jenn would have worn jeans and whatever shirt didn’t need ironing. New Jenn actually wore this dress from the time she got up in the morning until she went to bed that night.



Jenn did not realize that the dress was too tight for her until she got a shot of the back around 6:00 in the evening.
This merely caused her to shrug, head to Bunco night and add more back fat with a Gigi’s cupcake:
gigis cupcakes
Jenn will now stop talking about herself in 3rd person.

It’s a shame too since this dress cost 50 cents at a yard sale and matches my new boat shoes to perfection. Maybe this will provide some much-needed motivation to start running again.
floral boat shoes



Dress – Anthropologie via a yard sale – $.50
Shoes – Rock & Candy via Belk clearance sale – $12
Bracelet – CATO clearance – $2.99
Earrings – CATO clearance – $.99
Hair – I’m trying to learn to French braid. That’s as far down my head as I could get before losing it.

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  1. Hey…never look at yourself from the back!lol…as I say, Business in the front, party in the back. You look great…don’t stress about it!!

  2. That dress was hot, but yeah, the back isn’t so great, lol. This totally made me laugh :) You all are awesome!

  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself – it happens. And usually it follows Murphy’s Law, it will happen when you go out 😉 Regardless you’re rocking the sales, at 50¢ it’s not so bad!

  4. You cracked me up. I do this all the time…. I will think I’m looking great and then I’ll see a photo of me and think, WTH? :) You’re back fat is nothing, btw! You look beautiful and 50¢ for a dress – you rock!

  5. You don’t want to come near my back fat…LOL! You look fantastic Jenn!

  6. Girl hush you do not have back fat!

    I really love that dress with those shoes.

  7. I think you look great and I have never played Bunco though I’ve heard a lot about it.

  8. Maybe it’s just your bra that doesn’t fit? You’re too silly though. You look fantastic!

  9. we all need 360 mirrors

  10. You amaze me with all of your yard sale steals, um, I mean finds.

  11. Such a cute & comfy looking dress. 50 cents… that is pretty amazing.

  12. Such a cute outfit and back fat??? Psssshhhhhh…….

    By the way, you’re really finding some amazing deals on such cute stuff at yard sales! I have only been able to go to a few this summer. So busy! :(

  13. You are KILLING me with your awesomeness! I love that dress, it’s so flattering on you and it’s a gorgeous color. The shoes are adorable, too. You look fab, momma, super hot and cool at the same time!

  14. I like that dress!

  15. I just love everything about those shoes!

  16. That dress is way too cute &you look too adorable in it to not wear it again!

  17. Oh girl quit you look freakin’ amazing! So trendy. Actually looks like the bra is squeezing too much, get got your boobs sized lol

  18. I love your dress!!

  19. I love your dress! That color is one of my favorites!

  20. Honestly, there is hardly anything there. I only wish I looked as good as you do. My arm probably wouldn’t have been able to fit in that dress. Those cupcakes look amazing though, and totally worth any back fat they may cause.

  21. LOL — you are so funny … and are having INCREDIBLE luck with your fashion hauls. I need to get on this but I’m horrible at hunting for bargains. Sigh…..

  22. You look absolutely amazing! And, I didn’t see any back fat whatsoever.

  23. You look great! I love those shoes!

  24. Umm.. I need to go shopping with you! LOVE the dress and shoes. My back fat would be all out though lol

  25. That dress is so cute on you and I LOVE LOVE the shoes you are wearing. So cute.

  26. you look great in that dress don’t be so hard on yourself life is too short when i looked at the pic all i saw was pretty dress and pretty hair

  27. The dress and shoes are just adorable, and let me show you what back fat REALLY looks like. :)

  28. Cute…and those shoes! Adorable.

  29. Love those shoes. I definitely thing the bra is something. I have a pretty back in a bikini (well until you get to my love handles) but in some shirts I am like what the what!!! Then i realize it’s because my bra didn’t fit right LOL

  30. Those are such adorable pictures.

  31. i am still looking for the “back fat” ! I know this is an old print…but I still had to comment. I generally do not bother to comment just FYI… But I just had to point out… Really, even the few that commented regarding in a joking manner.. You are a tiny little thing!

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