Icy Spicy Fruit Tea #LiptonGirlsNight

This icy spicy fruit tea recipe taste like summer and fall all in one.

Icy Spicy Fruit Tea Recipe

Ingredients – Serves 1
2 oz iced tea
2 oz lemonade
2 oz hot apple cider, chilled (I just made some in the Keurig)
a cinnamon stick

Combine tea and cider in liquid measuring cup. Add ice to serving glass and pour tea/cider mixture over ice. Serve with a cinnamon stick to use as a swizzle.

Icy Spicy Fruit Tea

I plan to serve this squeaky-clean mocktail at our next ladies Bible study or MOPS Moms Night Out.
When was the last time you enjoyed some girl time? My last gir’s night out was with my MOPS group at a local Mexican restaurant. We’re planning our next girl’s night for February and believe me this mama is ready for it!

Lipton Fruit Tea with Apple Cider

I wonder if any of my MOPS gals have Xbox Kinect so we can play some dancing games like Dance Central 3? We’ve done Zumba together in the past so all our bad dance moved have already been exposed. Good thing too since the only liquid courage we’ll be getting is a mocktail!

Sweet T was happy to taste-test it for ya’ll. Since she chugged half the glass I’s say this fruit tea recipe is a winner.
sweet tea drinker


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