Wordless Wednesday: Meet Polly

Polly the draft horse can pull a lot of weight. Since she’s blind she’s teamed with her sister Molly whose lead she follows. Their brothers Will and Bill work at a ranch close by. The girls were nice enough to take us on a wagon ride a couple of weeks ago.


  1. I’ll bet she’s very sweet and gentle.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing that she’s still up and working.

  3. i miss having horses, but don’t miss mucking stalls…lol

  4. Love this!!

  5. She is a sweetie!

  6. Very sweet!

  7. She’s beautiful! I want to ride a horse one day!

  8. What a gorgeous animal!

  9. Hi Polly!

  10. Horses are such beautiful creatures!

  11. Oh so beautiful!!

  12. She is so pretty.

  13. Such a pretty horse.

  14. Amazing and beautiful

  15. How sweet! Polly is beautiful.

  16. Gorgeous! I love horses and she is a beauty.

  17. She’s a beauty!

  18. I bet she’s gorgeous. I wish you posted a photo of all of her

  19. So pretty! I have always wanted a horse of my own.

  20. I love the 2nd photo its BEAUTIFUL So worth a Black and white and so worth hanging

  21. She’s so pretty and I bet that wagon ride was memorable!

  22. She’s beautiful. I have always wanted a horse.

  23. What a beautiful creature! My daughter has a true love of all animals and she would flip a gasket over the horse!

  24. I love wagon rides. Very pretty horse.

  25. What a beauty!

  26. I think that is so cool that Polly is teamed with her sister. It’s to bad she is blind. At least she has her sister. You know what they say, Having a sister is like having your best friend with you always.

  27. Sandy VanHoey says:

    awww, how sad she is blind but so neat she teams with her sister to do this.

  28. Julie Wood says:

    I just love this horse Named Polly. I love animals and horses are such beautiful creatures. I want to own a horse!

  29. Wow what gorgeous horses!

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