Window Project

It’s way too nice of a day outside to be blogging and my poor washed out garden beckons so this will be a short post. Just wanted to show off my new windows! This is the first time since we’ve been married that I’ve had windows that actually open and that I will bother cleaning. In the previous three homes we’ve lived in together the windows were ancient, painted shut or both.

Here’s an example of the crappy windows we had. The “trim” around them never really bothered me since the house is rustic. It’s supposed to be that way, right? Well they bothered the heck out of Hubs and he insists that just because you have a rustic motif doesn’t excuse shoddy workmanship. He’s right, but I just don’t have an eye for it until after the fact.

How much better is this? Different window I know He isn’t finished with the front ones yet. Now the trim looks like something you’d see in a cabin in Gatlinburg rather than old wood a drunk monkey hammered into place. I actually have window sills (or stools) now! And the cool thing about rustic decor is it’s simplicity. No finishing or painting needed.

My next goal is to put up a cool window treatment similar to this

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  1. Marcie W. says:

    LOVE that branch window treatment! If you know where they sell them, please let me know. Our whole 2 month master suite makeover has an olive, chocolate, tan, tree, branch theme going! :)

  2. Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three says:

    From what I've seen while researching on the 'net it's an actual tree branch that's been painted. It doesn't get any cheaper than that! Problem is you can't close the curtains.

  3. Craziness abounds says:

    Nice job! I love the idea with the curtain rods. How cheap could you really do that. Might try that in my boys room Im redoing! I'm going to follow you. Found you from Elisa's blog.

  4. Hi Jenn! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am looking forward to reading more of yours!


  5. "Something a drunk monkey hammered up"…. o, my! lol

    Really like the change! Really like the window treatment idea, too :)

  6. Red Nomad OZ says:

    Ha! New windows look great – but maybe having windows that you HAVE to clean will be a double edged sword!!

    Thanx for following my blog – pop back soon and we'll see if I can't replace the 'Waltzing Matilda' brainworm with something else …

    Have a great weekend!

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