Cloth-eez Workhorse Diapers Review

Thanks to grandma, I got to diversify Sweet T’s diaper stash! At 14 pounds, she is in that awkward stage between sizes (yellow edge is a little snug while red is slightly big), but we went ahead and made the switch to red edge for comfort’s sake. I was all set to order more Cloth-eez prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers when my mom asked if I had seen the Cloth-eez Workhorse Diapers. I had considered adding some fitted diapers to the fluff stash, but didn’t realize that Cloth-eez made one. As much as I love their prefolds (other prefolds I’ve tried so far aren’t good for anything but stuffing a pocket diaper at night) I was excited to give their prefitted a try. Especially since it was grandma’s treat!
I neglected to take a picture of the diapers before prepping since I was so anxious to try out my Rockin’ Greens samples. Here’s what the diaper looks like freshly prepped.
Notice how the flap is attached? Makes drying time faster.
The Workhorse comes with or without snaps. I opted for snapless so I can use a Snappi and get more adjustability since Sweet T is between sizes right now.
Back of the diaper

Sweet T is happy to model for you. She can’t keep her feet down during a diaper change any more. They are just too interesting!
Notice how tight I can get the waist since I opted for snapless. Hopefully when she’s outgrowing this size I’ll be able to make them last even longer by making the waist very loose and get a few extra weeks out of them before moving up to the brown edge.

The legs fit a little loose, but remember that she is 14 pounds and the red edge is for 15-24ish pounders. 😉I’m really pleased with how trim the Workhorse is under a cover (Kawaii snap shown). Also there is no diaper peeking out by her thighs. When I fold a prefold there’s always a little cloth that sticks out because 1. I’m not that adept and 2. Sweet T is so playful now she’s like trying to diaper an octopus.
There’s nothing like an exclusively breastfed child pooping while sitting in a Bumbo. The runniness of the poo combined with the pressure of the Bumbo…you don’t need a physics lesson to figure this one out. If she is wearing a disposable, the poo shoots up her back and if she’s wearing a prefold with cover it comes out the legs almost every time. And that’s only if the diaper is bone dry when she does her big business. If there’s pee already in there… She’s going to wind up with an outfit change and a bath.
So how did the Workhorse hold up under the breastfed poop test? It passed with flying colors. Sweet T wore a workhorse for two hours, soaked it with pee then did a giant Bumbo-style #2. Her outfit was saved! Only a tiny bit of poo leaked onto the inside of the cover around the gusset. Considering the legs are loose because she’s not technically in this size yet I am impressed!
At $7.40 each I’m not ready to give up my prefolds completely, but the Workhorse makes a great addition to our stash. I’ve been leaving her in one until she does her major morning poo then going with prefolds for the rest of the day. Wish we had a few of these in the smaller sizes for the next baby. These would have been a life saver (or at least an outfit saver) when Sweet T was a newborn.
Update 9/7/11:
Sweet T is quite petite so we are still using these same red-edged fitteds for her. They haven’t frayed or thinned through nine months of washings, wear,  and tear. I’m still happy with them! She’s currently 20 pounds so it looks like we’ll be able to get a few more months out of them yet.
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  1. Ok, you convinced me. I’m shopping diapers for #4 (sold ALL my baby stuff after #3 – can you say “surprise!”?). So many more options than when I started! This style will be filling my diaper drawer very soon. Thanks for the great review!

  2. Is the prep the same as prefold-prep? Standard wash/dry 3-5 times?

    We use prefolds & AIO’s, but I just bought a half-dozen of these for my DD.

    • Yes. I prepped them exactly the same. Hope you like them as much as I do. Sweet T is STILL in her red-edged ones. She’s so petite.

      • Thanks! I’ve got ours in the dryer now on their 3rd prep cycle waiting for the last dry. They probably would have been fine on 2 cycles, but I gave ’em a 3rd just in case. (May I just say that Rockin Green is amazing? We use it, too.)

        I got the snaps, as I was looking for an alternative for the AIOs we use on days when my DH is responsible for getting Little Miss ready for the day (so I don’t wear out the PUL lining) and I just don’t have the patience to teach DH how to undo a Snappi. They look like they’ll be perfect for my DD’s chunky thighs.

  3. I just got baby wide prefolds from GMD and I think they are just way too bulky :( I may not be folding them right as it is my 1st time doing this with no help from other cloth diaper mamas. I was wondering if these workhorse ones are less bulky then the GMD prefolds? My babies bottom looks wide and flat and her legs are sooo wide apart! Looks like she is stiff as a board and can barely move lol my poor baby!
    Have you tried the ones with the built in snaps? Any comments on those? My daughter is an in between size as well, weighing in at 14 lbs!
    What size covers do you use with the red edge workhorse and what are your favorite brands and not so favorite brands?
    Thanks for the help, I need it :)

    • I’m not familiar with their new wide baby size. Are you using the angel wing fold?
      Cloth will seem bulky compared to disposables, but the GMD prefolds shouldn’t be bulkier than other brands. The workhorse diapers aren’t any less bulky than a prefold, but are easier to fit due to the cut and elastic.
      As far as covers go I’ve been using one-size Kawaii covers for over two years now in both velcro and snap (velcro is easier and faster, but a pain in the laundry sometimes).
      They are cheap and the same ones have held up for all this time. I use them on Sweet T at 28 months as well as on my 2 month old son.
      Hope that helps!

    • I do think the workhorse seem less bulky then a prefold, but that could just be how I am folding them. It is much easier to get a good fit with the workhorse. My son is 18 months and I started using both the prefolds and workhorse around 15lbs or so. We started with the red edge. I use the workhorse with the snaps and love them I have never had a problem with getting them to fit, but now that we have another one on the way I am trying to decide if snapless would be better for a newborn.
      As far as covers go I have a few different kinds, but my favorite is the Mommy’s Touch that GMD sells. I have 2 with velcro and 2 in snaps, and after using them for almost 18 months the snaps still look new. The ones with the velcro are looking more worn and the velcro is starting to curl some. My son can also take velcro off, so at this point I would say snaps is the way to go. They will fit both the red edge and the brown edge diapers nicely. My son is about to move up the the green edge diaper, and I will have to find a bigger cover for that. I have heard good things about Blueberry diaper covers. They are sized 10-40 lbs so they have a high rise and are said to cover fitteds well, but I haven’t tried them myself.

  4. Howwiuldthese hold up at nighttime you think? Would they work with an additional liner with a cover?

  5. Leya- I use these for my almost 13 lb 5 month old as an overnight option and they work great! I add a hemp insert and have no problems for 11-12 hours overnight. I am using the yellow edged snap less kind. You should give it a try!

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