Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt

christmas gift scavenger hunt with rhyming cluesThe Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving scavenger gift hunt was such a success that I’ve decided to do a Christmas gift scavenger hunt too. I tried to come up with clues and hiding places that can be found in almost every home. You can hide just a clue in each spot or a small present along with the clue at eat spot working up to the big ticket gift. Feel free to rearrange, omit, and tweak some of the clues depending on the age of the participants.

Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt

Clue #1 Wrap this first clue and give give it to the recipient to open
“It’s a challenge this year,
To find your Christmas cheer,
The Jolly Old Geezer,
Left something in the freezer.”

Clue #2 Hide this clue in the freezer
“That was too easy,
So now use your brain,
Your next clue will be,
With this lily white grain.”

Clue #3 Place this clue on your flour canister or bag of flour
“I’ll give you a break,
This couldn’t be clearer,
Find the next clue,
Attached to a mirror.”

Clue #4 Hide this clue on one of your mirrors. If you want to be really crafty put it in a makeup compact
“Retrieve the next clue if you dare
You may need a chair,
Because it’s floating somewhere,
High in the air!”

Clue #5 Tape this clue to the ceiling fan. Be sure to turn it on!
“I sure am thirsty,
A drink would be nice,
To wet me whistle,
I’ll use this device.”

Clue #6 Hide this clue on a drinking glass
“You’re getting good now,
But you’d better beware,
Search the dark place
Where monsters hide to scare”

Place the wrapped gift in a closet. Make it obvious unless you want your stuff rifled through! Have fun!

Want more Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt Clues? Click for part 2 with 6 more rhyming clues!

Free Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt Clues


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  1. We do scavenger hunts from time to time, but haven’t done one for Christmas. I think I’ll do this on Christmas Eve. Thanks for sharing!

  2. this is perfect! i am going to use it for my husbands gift this year!

  3. I love this idea. My kids go nuts over scavenger hunts and I never thought of doing one for Christmas. Thanks!

  4. My parents did this for us one year… not a ton of clues, it was more of a “Go search the house and hope you find all of them!” event. It was fun!

  5. This is a Christmas Tradition in our home. Last year, my two sons who are twenty two and twenty years old, informed us that they were to old for this anymore. I told them that their decision was fine with me, because mom hid five hundred dollars each for you to find, and what is not found belongs to me (DAD). Off they went before I could give them the first clue. We laughed for the next half hour.
    I don’t think it will be different this year either. Some of your clues are helpful this year since it’s the biggest hunt ever. Thanks Jenn….

  6. These are awesome! I have done clues when hiding money for my kids at Christmas. It’s much more fun than just getting the money. I’m just not very good at coming up with the jingles like you did. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  7. stephanie hodges says:

    this is a cute fun idea. This year hubby won’t be home as like last year as he works out of the country right now. But something I will keep in my scavenger scrap book!


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